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June 24, 2007


Hard Headed

The communist flag next to the podium with the St. Regis plaque (picture #2) is a stain on the hotel.

Too bad the pictures aren't high resolution, we might've been able to zoom a little closer on some of the faces in the background if they were.

Little Saigon Watch

I have them in high resolution but it would take too long for those to be uploaded so I reduced the size.

If Jubal can make it bigger and clearer i'm happy to send him to the original ones.

Photoshop expert wanted inquire with Team Trung

Quick, Team Trung, photoshop Janet's picture standing next to the President.

Ho Chi Minh

What? "I do not recognize all the pro-communists"

I guess we could our own President as a pro communist since he actually share a toast with the communist leader. Just because one present at this meeting doesn't make one a communist. Why does anybody need to get closeup on these people? Why do they have to know their identity?

Tran Truong

please contact me ASAP, I can provide you free of charge for photoshop service. I can add Tony Lam and Sup.Janet Nguyen into the photo for you. trantruong@hotmail.com

Van Tran,
Im sure you know many of these businessmen or businesswomen. They are your donors. What do you say to these men and women? or you just take the money and ignore them. Last why didn't you label these none-Viet at the dinner as pro-Commie or Cummie? You are so quick to label your fellow Viet-American.

Lam Pho

It is really pathetic that you would label these people "pro-communists". Typical, just put a label on people who disagree with you.

Andrew Y.

Lam Pho,

Feel free to label LSW as "pro-democracy" or "pro-human rights", I dont think LSW will take offense to that being labeled as such, so you shouldn't be offended either if you are supportive of Communist Vietnam.

Heck if you were at the reception on Friday then you are a pro-commie. Yes that's what i'm calling you, a commie sympathizer, and i'll say it to your face too.

Hard Headed

Bush, as President of the United States has a responsibility to meet with foreign leaders, even our enemies. He is not pro-commie simply for meeting with this guy.

However, I'm not ready to give him a pass on this because I suspect that that he is pro-commie. Bush needs to hold Vietnam accountable for its record on human rights.

To Lam Pho: pro-commie is not a label. It is a philosophical position. Someone who chooses to do business with the government of Vietnam is pro-commie. Someone who chooses to try and improve human rights is not. It's pretty clear.

Ronald Reagan was able to bring down communism in Russia by drawing a line. Our open policies with China and Vietnam have done very little to improve conditions in those countries.

Who are you?

blond lady is Joanne C. Sokolski, Chief of Protocol for the County of Orange...


Front row, all the way to the right....Is that Ted Nguyen, Communications Director for OCTA?

More Photos Please

If anyone has any more photos from the event (or cell phone videos) Please get them to Red County! I'd love to see who else was there!!!

Trung Nguyen

Lam Pho,

Fact 1: the Communist does not label only one person. They label three (3) generations. If you are not with them then you, your kids and your grandkids are anti-them and will face the same consequences as an outcast.

Fact 2: This Vietnam President was not in any shape and form elected by Vietnamese people. He was propped up by his party, Vietnam Communist Party. He ain't representing the Vietnamese.

Fact 3: The emotion is so raw after more than 30 years. And it isn't from the dying 70 something. It is from the 20ish, 30ish, 40ish, etc...

Fact 4: The protesters despised them not because they are Communists, but for their pretension as civilized persons. However, deep down, they are crooked, bribed and raping their country for their personal gains.

What happened to the other pictures? I think there were two or three other pictures in this post earlier this morning or am I mistaken?

Ho chi minh

"Our open policies with China and Vietnam have done very little to improve conditions in those countries."

What newspaper are you reading because I believe China is thriving. Vietnam is a poor country with or without communism is still would be a poor country. There are planty of examples of country in the same area that are not communist yet still have the same poor conditions.

"Ronald Reagan was able to bring down communism in Russia by drawing a line."spear us the Republican garbage because most political economics theorist beleived that it was just a matter time before Russia collasped based on their state's economic model. The great news was that the United States was willing to help them and didn't piss them off like they did to Castro.

Our President diplomatic posture was appropriate because the last thing we need is another hostile nation that sounds like they are ready for reform.

re Ho chi Minh

re Ho chi Minh,

You said "it was just a matter time before Russia collasped". I hope you don't mean your grandkid's time. It is easy to look back in your mirror.

We have been saying the same thing to Vietnam. The last time I check it has been 16 years since Soviet's collapse, but nothing happens to Vietnam.

re re Ho chi minh

When the last time the president of Vietnam came to the US? Things appear like they are changing and your emotional demonstration don't rally help your countrymen in Vietnam.

"We have been saying the same thing to Vietnam. The last time I check it has been 16 years since Soviet's collapse, but nothing happens to Vietnam." Your correct but I has much happened in other former communist country's. Some have advanced, some are advancing and some are dead set on communism. It could be worse imagine if you had family in North Korea. They've been waiting along time, longer than 16 years.

The protestors don't understand the situation in Vietnam well. There is a split of 2 or 3 factions in the politbureau now, and Triet is on the more progressive side that will help improve the situation in the country, albeit step by step. By sabotaging Triet's trip to the US, the protestors play into the hands of the more conservative, hardline communist faction in the politbureau.


Thanks to people like l. There is always someone smarter than the protesters. Also, Thanks to rehochiminh, I get 100% disability. Keep up the good work.

Lam Pho

The protestors and their leaders are a huge embarrassing to educated Vietnamese Americans in this country. You guys don't understand anything about freedom and it makes me sick when you speak of free speech. Is there free speech among the Vietnamese community here? Say something wrong and you'll get bashed or beat or killed by the same jerks who cream "Free Speech" for Vietnam.

You people are just a bunch of Jesse Jacksons of the world.

Hard Headed

Lam Pho:

By "educated" do you mean "enlightened" to the communist agenda? Or were you just not strong enough to resist "re-education?"

lam pho

I hate to have to state the obvious, but I guess it necessary for you Hard Headed (love the name). By "Educated" I meant people who love this great country and enjoy the opportunities it provides. By going to school, getting a job, starting a business, paying taxes, building a future.... you know, as oppose to people who don't work, do not speak a word of English, on various governmental assistance, do not contribute one bit to this great country, the United States, but they love to be out there waving the Viet flag protesting, demanding things. What's worse is that many of these protestors visit Vietnam over and over again, vacationing, eating, drinking, whoring, loving every minute of it, then they come back here and protest. Why? Because they have nothing better to do. uuuhhh, one suggestion, try getting a job.

It's pathetic.

lam pho


That is bull, Trung, and you know it. If you actually believe your own statement, than you are way out of touch.

Pandering politicians and pseudo community leaders, you guys don't understand what a joke you have become to a many of the Vietnamese Americans out there. Van Tran acting like the Godfather and Trung/Janet going at each other's throat is of no surprise... nevertheless, quite disappointing.

lam pho


ohhh man, how dare you accuse politicians as being "crooked, bribed and raping their country for their personal gains." Tell me it isn't true.

You see Trung, I hate the commies in Vietnam. As far as I'm concern, they all can go jump off the bridge and die. But I do not like the oozing hypocrisy of the protestors in this country either.

Trung Nguyen

lam pho at 4:58PM

Please tell me which fact is not true.
Fact 1: I happen to be the third generation and many are in the same situation as mine.
Fact 2: It speaks by itself unless you prove otherwise.
Fact 3: If you were there you can tell it. If you weren't there you can watch few videos
Fact 4: The gap between the Commie riches and the people poors are off the scale. BTW, the average salary is few hundred dollars a month, if that is even true.


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