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June 20, 2007


web watcher

someone should tell these birds that one pop-up ad when you first visit their site is ok, maybe, but a pop up between every single click on their site is a JOKE.

You understate how bad the Register's site is, Jubal. I avoid going there if at all possible... it's pitiful.

While I agree with you that the Register website is difficult to navigate, I have to say that this is a private business that derives much of its income from paid subscribers. The fact that they do not post all their stories "for free" might simple be a way to preserve the number of paid subscribers and customers who buy single copies. After all this is how capitalism works.


I agree with the pop-unders. Every so often I have 8-10 popups open all at once on ocregister.com. Strange.

SoCo Gal

RE: the OC Register pop-up/unders, why is it the only website that my pop-up blocker doesn't block?


All Republicans should help Trung to be elected on next OC supervisor election. We strongly believe that he was a true winner from last election. If we can all unite together in supporting Trung, we may be able to keep all county seats Republican.


More the latter, which is the point I was trying to make. He was going at me in a conventional fashion regarding an unconventional thing like blogging, and it came out sounding silly.



A useful tip if you don't know already. Google will search a site for you. For example, to find everytime Loretta Sanchez has been mentioned on OCBlog, google:

loretta sanchez site:http://www.ocblog.net/

the google query:
UC irvine anti smoking site:ocregister.com

turns up all sorts of interesting stuff, but perhaps not the article you seek.

Hope that helps!


The only solution to the popups is maybe logging out and logging on with a different name and then NOT TAKING the survey.

Dan Chmielewski

I don't know Matt, maybe they just want folks to buy the paper instead of putting all of the family jewels online.

Jon Komatsu

A simple solution would be for the Register website to implement what many newspaper sites do, including those of the NY Times, LA Times, Wash Post, Chicago Tribune, etc. Have a home-page link to "print edition" which then opens up a separate page with links specifically to articles and photos in the print product. This set-up is increasingly needed as websites become 24-hour news postings and grow away from being exclusively electronic posts of the paper edition.

Thomspson Passes Giulani in Polls

Two things: 1)This site is so much better in pure navigation perhaps the Register should take some pointers and secondly...

Thompson knocks out Giulani in Rasmussen Reports Poll. Although statistically insignificant, it is the first time Giuliani has been passed in some time and show building momentum for Thompson.

I still don't see the story in the Register but I think it is pretty big.

Richard Rios
www.californiaforthompson.com (shameless plug)


In order to get the important news I look at the Red County/ OCBLOG thanks for the the great stories.


The Register actually loses money on subscribers. Subscribers are only useful because large, national advertisers don't want to spend money on free papers. The blank paper in your daily edition alone costs more than your subscription.

You can view the Register's print edition online: Click "E-Register" in the upper left corner of the home page. That program is actually pretty cool.

All this said, I still don't find much in there worth reading.

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