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June 24, 2007



First, why is a leading anti free market blogger like Mr. Kranser allowed to post on here? Thanks to him and the myopic masses of South County, El Toro is gone and we have higher air fares because John Wayne has no competition.

Now we have Newport Beach which rightly said over all these years that Orange County needs more air capacity doing a flip flop and wanting to have artificial limits on John Wayne.

Thanks to NIMBYs like Len Kranser and Barbara Lichman we ALL PAY HIGHER AIR FARES!!! Let the free market work. We don't need a great park in Irvine or an airport at half of its daytime capacity in Newport Beach. We need reasonable air fares which will benefit the business community and keep jobs in Orange County!

Len Kranser

If you favor letting the free markets decide, then you should like the Navy's decision to sell the El Toro base to the highest bidder. The auction ended with Lennar buying the land for development.

Lennar was not required to give any of it to Irvine for a park but did so for very pragmatic reasons that produced economic benefits for the company.

It did not have to end that way. Los Angeles tried to lease the property from the Navy for an airport. When the Navy said "no, they wanted to sell it", LA could have bid for the land just as Lennar did.

While there would have been some significant legal obstacles to an LA owned airport in OC, they were nothing that could not have been worked out with patience and a few million dollars of lobbying effort in Sacramento.

Don't free market decisions go hand in hand with democratic decisions such as the vote not to build a second county airport and use the one we have.

You say that JWA doesn't have competition. To be accurate, it's the airlines at JWA that don't have competition. Southwest Airlines requested authorization to fly an additional million annual passenger seats out of John Wayne and they were turned down by the County. The reasons for the turndown may have been valid to some folks but perhaps not to you.


Airports are government facilities built and operated with tax dollars. I don't want governments building excessive capacity with my tax dollars in the name of "competition".


I recently moved to North Tustin, a really beautiful part of Orange County. The only concern I have about my new neighborhood is the overhead flights and the potential for increased numbers of overhead flights. Since being introduced to your very informative website 3 months ago, I now seem to check it every day. Early this weekend (Friday?), I thought your posting took a supportive stance for this Newport Beach action – you specifically stated “welcome aboard” to city Newport Beach (I presume in a common interest against the sound of noisy jets in our backyards). Although sometime Sunday you updated your posting and dropped the specific welcome wording, you still note that Newport Beach’s points actually mirror your El Toro website activist points. Yes, we are all NIMBYs, but the Corridor cities have actually been carrying in their backyard the actual burden of overhead jets for Orange County, a burden that should not be allowed to worsen on these OC citizens. I admit it would be great if we were on the same side on this John Wayne issue and your website did help to galvanize support against a larger John Wayne.


Mr. Kranser,

I agree on one point that the county should allow Southwest additional seats. John Wayne and Houston Intercontinental are the two airports in the nation where special fares are not offered. Is there a petition we can sign or can there be a countywide vote on this matter?

With that being said you sir are part of the problem with high air fares. The people of Orange County voted twice for an airport at El Toro and South County NIMBYS would have petition after petition after petition until they finally got their way.

El Toro was built in 1943 well before many of you were even born and definitely before any of you bought your homes!

Many of you got your homes at discounted rates because of the military jets fliying overhead. Ever heard of buyer beware? So the NIMBYS in Newport Beach and South County moved in after John Wayne and El Toro were established and then want to shut them down!

L.A. probably would have bid on El Toro. But the city of Irvine has zoning requirements that forbid aviation use. If socialist mayor comrade Larry Agran can't get rich off a land use proposal and give his friends no bid contracts, then expect him to fight it tooth and nail. Even if L.A. would have bid, you NIMBYs would have tied it up in court for years.

I hope L.A. will take over John Wayne. Ever fly out of LAX lately? It is a miserable commute and very crowded. Southern Cal needs more capacity, not more artificial caps and destruction of runways for lame unneeded parks.

If killing El Toro was not enough, now the South County NIMBYS and environmental extrememists want to block the badly needed toll road extension. Thanks a lot for higher air fares, and longer commute times. This may be the start of many businesses to make an exodus out of Orange County, or California for that matter because we are overregulated and overtaxed, and overran with illegal aliens!


Mr. Homeowner,

it figures you moved here 3 months ago, and after the fact you expect John Wayne to be continually constrained, if not closed for good.

Perhaps if you performed due diligence BEFORE you purchased your home, you would have observed that there are airplanes overhead and there is an airport that was established long before you moved in! Since an airport is a problem to you, then you should not have purchased your home.

With people like you taking over Orange County, we will continue to have high air fares and an unfriendly business climate!


As I said before I think it in very bad taste that Len is posting this stuff. Just because you were successfull in keeping it out of your backyard do not push it in mine or the rest of the counties. LAX and Ontario have better fares and it is much easier to navigate LAX nowadays. Your philosophy len seems to be as long as it is not in my backyard - but since it is already in their backyard....why don't I rub it in their face some.

mr nightmare magic

If you try to build and destroy land,culture and habitat with irrational ideals, the imminent end is closer than you or your supporters will ever realize. We need a fast electric rail for commerce, and public transportation.A reasonable central location in the unpopulated desert areas no more than 150 to 200 miles from any southern or central california location will work well. that means an hour train ride in comfort to an airport,not closer than 50 miles from anyone's backyard.Instead of riding in traffic for an hour,going nowhere, and destroying the environment for convenience and revenue,while it lasts, you can fix this problem before it becomes a disasterous problem that wont be fixed. The time is now, and tommorrow has almost vanished. Grow and embrace the great future we all have lost and need so dearly.

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