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June 20, 2007


Richard Rios

All the rhetoric from the Democrats how they are doing so well and will crush the Republican Party next election is so self serving. If they are the majority and approval ratings are the lowed since the polls were started in 1973. Now wasn’t that Vietnam, Watergate, and general division? And they want to flaunt they are the Majority? Seems to me the Republican Party could utilize the sentiment to their advantage in many races. Couple that with Republicans are generally more associated with Military ( and that group god a 69% confidence).

Some see the glass half empty, I see opportunity. I see strategic inroads all over the place.

Richard Rios


So did Custer. With about as much chance of success.

But don't fret.....the Dmes will manage to botch things, just as the Bush-GOP Congress did. But I suspect you're a couple of election cycles away(which might be actually work to the CA GOP's advantage if the turn is in 2010.


Very witty Bladerunner.

I do agree that '10 will be a better year for us than '08.

Appoint Pedroza

Maybe the Dems could appoint Art Pedroza to some commissions; that would surely turn things around for them!!!

The Mechanical Eye

Gee, I wonder how the President is doing in similar polling. Surely he's rolling over his competition and paving the way for a permanent GOP majority. Everything will be fine in 2008, and those awful, awful Libs will be crushed.



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