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June 16, 2007



I can't wait to see how Vietnamese-Americans will greet Mr. Triet.

Paul Lucas

Does a No-Communist zone include the barring of a Wal-Mart which is packed to the rafters with merchandise made from slave labor in good ol Communist Red China as well as (drum roll please) Communist Vietnam?


to paul lucas: no communist zone means if you are a member of the communist party, you are not allowed there unless there's an early notification to the city. is consumer products counted as a person? duh !

Thomas Nguyen

If America can move on with the Vietnam war, why can't the Vietnamese-Americans??? It's time to move on people!

Art Pedroza


Amen! Why is it OK for the Red Chinese to own most of our national debt (U.S. bonds) and to pack Wal Marts with their merchandise - and not OK to deal with Cuba and Vietname?

Free trade leads to freedom. It is a very simple equation...

Re Art Pedroza

No wonder why Janet keeps making mistakes left and right. With an inept advisor like Art, who has no basic understanding of a political community like Vietnamese community, Janet has no competent staff to lean on when needed. First, Tony then Nick now Art, three stooges could not come up with an advice to help her. Janet has no leadership.

Did Loretta or Lou say anything against the Vietnamese community? Did any of their staff say anything? Republicans can not hold on to this seat not because of anyone's actions but Janet's undoing. No wonder.


As far as mexico is concerned, free trade led to poverty, low wages, over exploitation of natural resources, erosion of sovereignty, social uprising and counting...


The vietnamese that protest, who are they? Are they the advantaged people that excaped VN? Did they or their relatives suffer horrendous brutality from the american invasion? and if so, why arn't they pissed of at USA?

Son La

Answer to Nguyen's comment "If America can move on with the Vietnam war, why can't the Vietnamese-Americans??? It's time to move on people!".
Have you ever ask yourself why are you here? Did you see your dad go to the concentration camp and never come back? Did you see you brothers and sister hungry? American can move on because with them all is about business. Vietnamese can't move on because it is their country.

The Truth

Answer to pablo's comment: Yes, ofcourse We, Non-Communist, angered of USA about the war, but we're angry at the Vietnamese Communist EVEN MORE!

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