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June 01, 2007


One Who Knows

The law is very clear. It states:

Sec. 1-6-30. Timely return of excess contributions.
That portion of contributions accepted in excess of the limitations imposed by this ordinance shall be returned to the donor within seven (7) days of their discovery. A written notification showing the donor's name, the amount returned, and the date of the return shall be provided to the Registrar of Voters within seventy-two (72) hours after the return.
(Ord. No. 02-012, § 12, 12-17-02)

The only reasonable explanations as to why the names have not been filed with the Registrar of Voters is (1) the refunds were never made or (2) they are taking the position that the funds made payable to her attorney's client trust account were not contributions.


C'mon guys, seriously?

It's really not that hard to figure out why Janet has not disclosed those donors yet.

- Janet has NO reason not to disclose this asap. She will have to disclose it at one point or another and it is to her benefit to put as much of a gap as possible between the disclosure and the next election cycle. So why hasn't she disclosed it?

- Janet is anywhere between $50,000-$100,000 in the hole and counting. She HAS to raise money in order to be a viable candidate next year. If she has not retired this debt by the end of the year, she is in big trouble.

- Once GOP donors find out who paid for her recount, the $ will stop flowing.

- Baugh already hosted a fundraiser for her and she has 2 more already planned in the very near future (bit curious...)

- Now if she can just hold off the press for another few months...


Next week is going to be a bad week for Janet and her people. She just doesn't understand that setting up an illegal defense fund is ILLEGAL!!!

Union/Democratic Money is the Reason

Janet is in a Lose/Lose situation. She is eventually going to have to disclose the illegal Union/Democrat cash she took for the re-count. That will turn off EVEN MORE Republicans and the Union/Democrat money will dry up as soon as Joe Dunn steps into the race. I can't wait to see what kind of crazy spin she trys to put on this thing. Where is Shirley Grindle in all of this? Normally she would be screaming bloody murder about violations like these. Is Shirley part of the Janet for re-election campaign or has she retired?

Enough is Enough!

Look for Janet to release this info on a Friday when there is LOTS of International/National news to distract locals from the fact that she took LARGE sums of money in an illegal account. The source of the money is a HUGE political problem for her or she would have disclosed its source. Chances are it comes from Democrats/Unions/OR groups and individuals in the Vietnamese community tied to the current Communist government. Any combination of those 3 will be very hard for her to spin away. If as some suspect, it’s Communist funds, then look for a repeat of the Video store owner/Ho Chi Minh photo type protests that will make it impossible for Ms. Nguyen to get ANY support in the Vietnamese community. I hope and pray it's just Democrat/Union money. We don't need any more problems or protests.

The tough times they is a comin'

If Enough is Enough is right, then I guess Janet prefers to take a little tough writting from Martin at the Buzz to having the entire free Vietnames world camped out in front of her office if she took $$$ from the Communists! Sorry Martin, I think you are going to need about a million or two fellow reporters to join you in your request to compete with those waiting to express their opinions in her own community.


Janet, it's more 50 days past due!
What's up with that?

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