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June 13, 2007



Len - no disrespect and correct me if I am wrong....but you fought tooth and nail to stop the El Toro Airport in YOUR back yard yet seem all in support of expanding the JWA - in MY backyard. It is noisy enough, by my house...please people drive to LAX, Long Beach, San Diego rather then expand JWA any further.

Len Kranser


Do I understand that you prefer that the airplane noise be in the backyards of those who live near LAX, Long Beach and San Diego?

No one wants the noise. But what do you propose be done - with the 300,000 square feet of terminal, six new gates and 2,000+ parking spaces that the county is building at JWA - that is quiet?


I do not prefer to have the noise in others back yards per se.....but OC is and always was to be a small local airport and I would certainly like to keep it that way. LAX is and always has been an international airport and meant to be a bigger scale airport.

I guess it just irks me a bit, and this may be all on me, that you were such a huge fighting force to keep El Toro out of your back yard and yet seem to support expansion of a small airport in my backyard. I did not say I did not understand why you did not want El Toro Airport....I would assume for the same reasons I am bitching now.

I forgot to mention Ontario has a great Airport as well.

Len Kranser

Yes Flowerszzz, Ontario has a great airport as well . . . and people around it. The following report was posted on my El Toro Info Site in 2002:

Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, December 3, 2002
"Ontario may soundproof more homes near airport"

"Forty-seven homes southwest of Ontario International Airport will likely be one step closer to receiving insulation from noise from takeoffs and landings after tonight," when the City Council takes up the matter.

"After today's contract is approved, the city will have awarded a total of about $12 million to insulate 522 homes . . . About 2,500 additional homes near the airport could be eligible for sound insulation."

"The city government is also attempting to purchase homes and relocate residents voluntarily in areas closest to the airport where insulation will not reduce noise significantly, [a spokesman] said. As of 2000, about 500 homes near the airport had been identified as being eligible for voluntary acquisition."

"Like sound insulation costs, acquisition costs are funded through LAWA [Los Angeles World Airports owns Ontario] and the FAA."


Len, your point is? I believe JWA has done the same things to homes here as well.

I am not saying there is an easy answer nor am I claiming to know all the answers and research.

If you did not want to engage others about their opinions on this issue - then why post?

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