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June 22, 2007


Phil Paule

Do you think this is the first PIO at the California Department of Fish & Game to play at the Doll Hut ??

Can't Wait

Ha Ha...I would pay to see the looks on the Doll Hut Regular's faces when all of the Young Republicans walk in the door. I would be equally ammused to see the faces of the YRs when they see the regulars. I would beg to guess its a little rougher crowd than the YRs are used to. Too funny!!!


LOL - you all wont fit - the Doll hut is about as big as my closet! It is truly an OC Icon! Have Fun Jimmy!

Beat on the Brat

Commie Girl must think this is Armageddon if the guys at Red County are now giving concert tips! Aren’t you coming dangerously close to moving in on her territory??? What’s next, answers to questions about Mexicans? Is nothing sacred? :)

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