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June 18, 2007


Phil Paule

What do you mean no OC names for Miller. The Iger's are hosting and there is no bigger name in the OC name then Jeff Gibson. Plus some minor players like Duane Roberts, Ali Sahabi and Gorden Youde are alos supporting.

One Who Knows

There is no bigger name in the OC then Jeff Gibson?

Not to be impertinent, but that is preposterous.


Choi is a darkhorse for good reason!

Recently, as Chair of OC Library Board he pushed an item to build his "grand vision". His "dream" library. He would graciously call it the OC County Regional Library, he envisioned 350k sqft + facility. Of course it would be in Irvine at the Great Park.

He expected member cities to pay for it, and the land be donated by the County.

When the plan was shot down on many levels by both administration and the board, he posed the threat that he would have Irvine leave the advisory board and he would take Irvine's tax money with him. Choi did not understand that the monies are controlled by the Supervisors. Any city can drop out, but their tax money stays. Additionally after some checking, the Irvine Council never authorized him to make such a threat.

Choi might be a great guy, but he doesn't understand how to work with agencies or boards. Irvine is a tough place to be in the minority, but wouldn't one expect some skills on diplomocy or concensus building to come out of all those issues?


A clarifcation regarding tax money for cities withdrawing from the County library system. The supervisors would actually determine how much of the yearly collection earmarked for Irvine libraries would be passed on. A likely scenario: if the library portion of Irvine property tax collections was, say, $20 million, the supervisors would more that likely vote to retain a sizable portion ($6-8 million, best guess) for ongoing overhead and administrative expenditures in the County library system; expenses that wouldn't be affected by Irvine's withdrawl.

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