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June 08, 2007


Jubal is right!

Why is Janet making so many political mistakes? I just don't understand it. Let's hope she starts listening to Jubal and others who know what they are talking about. Time for Scot Baugh to step in and take control.

Dem Activist

Wake up Jubal hates Janet! He has even told some Union Leaders that he wants Trung in office and feels she doesn't deserve it. Janet's negative comments are never deleted but Van's and everyone else's are. I think its hilarious Joe Dunn is going to coast to victory and the Republicans are going to lose the First district and that will only hurt the republicans taking back the 69th 34th and Loretta's seat.

Art Pedroza

"Time for Scott Baugh to step in and take control."

Are you kidding?

What he really needs to do is tell Van Tran and his cabal to back off - but he won't.

Poor JN


Don't blame Phil for your mistakes, but for all voters did not react quick enough to recal you.

They don't forget it until the election year 2008.

Dan Chmielewski

Janet isn't the only supe that overpaid for redecorating....let's be fair now Matt.



This post isn't about Moorlach. It's about Janet. It's a little irrelevant to the post.

Art Pedroza


Irrelevant? You mean like Trung "Lost Again" Nguyen?

I cannot believe the callousness of this group,,,,poor paris hilton is rotting away in jail and all you can talk about is janet nguyen and how much you hate her,,,what a bunch of self centered little boys (most of whom cannot even get a date),,,you need to be manning the barricades, demanding that the oppressive justice system release paris



Not sure why you're bringing up Trung but, ok, whatever.


Dem Activist:

If you are going to post lies, then put your name to it.

As for hating Janet, I do not. I have been critical of her, but those are two different things altogether.

I am frustrated with Janet and her operation and these self-inflicted wounds. I want to see the 1st Supe District stay in GOP hands, and that means re-electing Janet Nguyen. Janet is up for re-election in a year, and these antics only hurt her and tempt challengers.


Janet isn't the only supe that overpaid for redecorating....let's be fair now Matt.

Is this "Missing The Point Day" on this thread?

Dan, my point wasn't the re-decorating per se. It was the attempt to shift the responsibility and blame on someone else. By contrast, Moorlach met the criticisms head-on and explained what was being done.

Pay attention!


Trung was already mentioned by "Dem Activist".


What he really needs to do is tell Van Tran and his cabal to back off - but he won't.

Art, be serious - you can't blame any of this on "Van Tran and his cabal."

Janet chose to drag out the required 72-hour disclosure for nearly two months -- Van didn't make her do that.

They both need to realize their mutual political prosperity is to their mutual benefit. That requires swallowing pride and hurt feelings, but that's the way it is.

Phil Paule

Do you think we can all have a group hug at the Flag Day dinner on Sunday.

Don't buy it

Janet Nguyen says, "... I am happy the issue is behind us now.”

Maybe for Janet it is, but not for the voters (except Art Pedroza who thinks she can do no wrong - but he's a only a legend in his own mind). Even your attempt at explaining this away is dripping with arrogance and an above-the-law mentality.

Memo to Janet: YOU BROKE THE LAW! You and your "lawyers" knew you were breaking the law almost two months ago. The only reason you're even dealing with this now is because good people like Jubal and some in the local press, refuse to let you get away with it. Therefore, you had no choice but to come clean or face even more legal ramifications.

Your sorry excuse for an explaination clearly shows you're not sorry you did it; your just sorry you got caught. This is what happens when an ambitious girl is "elected" to do an experienced, ethical lady's job.

Tim Steed

Did Jubal just site "Rubber v. Glue" as his precedence?



I deleted your comment and my response. I'll give you one warning -- cease the personal attacks -- or you'll be banned like anyone else.


I heard from a reliable source that source that the Registrar of Voters are not to be issuing any type of fine against Janet but has instead directed all complaints on this matter to the Attorney General.

Why is Neal Kelley allowing Jerry Brown's office to take the lead role in this? He should penalize Janet Nguyen for being 50 days late in her financial report!

Morning Coffee

Jubal is right. Janet is developing a pattern that will turn out to be very destructive. There was the secret Gerald Feather challenge to the election and speculation about his funding. Now it's the secret contributions and her ignoring reporting responsibilities. The office furniture may well be an "everyone did it" issue, but it was still a mistake for her to spend that much on office stuff this soon. What's next? How many mailers are we going to see about this stuff next year?

Janet, and her trusted advisor's, should know she's being watched, and doesn't have enough time before the next election to make these stupid mistakes. She'd better get her act together fast!

J. Nguyen


Thank you for putting Pedroza in check. In your attempt to be gracious with this
cacophonous cat, he has had way more than 9 lives here on your blog. Methinks you are casting your pearls before swine with your latest warning - I'd ban him once and for all. But, you are a gentleman and obviously have a higher tolerance for pain than the average guy.


Carona's TinCup violation was he failed to allocate out what he was reimbursed for by the campaign and Norby failed to report occupation and employer information on some donors. I am not aware on ANY Rackauckas violations.

The BIG difference is Carona and Norby filed their reports on time. They did not take $ over the limits and fail to report them.

Art Pedroza


To be honest, I am not sure what exactly you deleted. Please send the offending comment to me via email.

I believe I may have referenced public information regarding the criminal record of a spouse of a certain legislator. How is that a personal attack? It was covered in all the newspapers, wasn't it? Was it an attack when they ran those articles?

You pretend to be fair, but you only allow people you don't like to be attacked, like Janet. Attack your friends, even legitimately, and you immediately delete the posts and threaten to ban people How very mature of you.

I have never deleted any of your comments on my blog, nor would I. As long as you don't use curse words in your posts you are welcome anytime.

Will someone PLEASE hug phil?


Art - that is is wife not him. Why don't you stick to the person in question.....


You called me a hypocrite. It doesn't matter that it was directed at me, what matters is that it violates the rule against personal attacks.

As for your other allegations, they are untrue. I have been too lax in general lately, but that's going to stop.

If you or anyone can't make your point without calling people names or denigrating their character, you won't be welcome here any longer.

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