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June 28, 2007


Adam D. Probolsky

How does Senator Harman have any credibility on issues related to balancing business and the environment?

He is the last guy I want trying to moderate the Governor on any policy area.


How surprising that Adam had something negative to say. Adam, when it comes to discussing Sen. Harman you have no creditability. Actually, since we are on the subject, I cannot think of any subject you are creditable on.

Adam is a good guy

I don't know Mr. Harman but I know Adam and he is a good and fair person and I trust the things he says. I wonder about the need for a dinner like this as well. By the way, does anyone have a copy of the menu or was it a potluck dinner? Did the Gov. bring a salid?

Long-time politico

These ad hominem attacks only serve to reflect poorly on the attacked. Let's try to post on the issues, children. Adam is an honorable and a decent man with a consistent record of accurate insights regarding the OC.

Paul Lucas

Tom Harman and Gov Arnold are moving up the ranks of my favorite Democrats. I applaud them on their leadership in the marketplace of ideas on the environment.
Paul Lucas
Environmental Scientist.

Adam's apple

Long-time politico,

I will agree with you that Adam is a man.

Brian Thomas

Adam is as creditable as the poll numbers he put out on behalf of Janet Nguyen

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