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June 29, 2007



No, private armies are the problem.

I'm from the left and own three guns and dare anyone to try to take them from me. So, when I bought mine someone made a profit and I'm very much okay with guns and profit.

We probably should talk about Blackwater and their presence in Iraq and New Orleans but at least get the arguments correct so that we can move forward rather than sideways or in a direction that simply reinforces division for division's sake.

Paul Lucas

Excellent retort. The privatization of our military by Donald Rumsfeld has led to huge contingencies of “private contractors” committing absolute atrocities in the name of the USA, and is answerable to no one including our own military leaders who pay the bill. I for one am appalled and disgusted that the use of "private contractors" has escalated under the regime of Rummy, and have yet to subside under the new SOD.

Private armies are inherently wrong, should never be in existence, and should make every American stand up and take notice at the direction our leaders are taking this country.

War for profit should make every American shudder with disgust. Firms like Blackwater are indefensible when they are profiting off the death of our Soldiers, and innocent civilians while operating under our flag.

Paul Lucas

Oh and by the way, I also own several hand guns and some rifles as well. I am a strong defender of the right to bear arms.

However, I would never approve of privatizing our military which is in reality a hired army of mercinaries.

Activist forever

Blackwater, the controversial military contractor that wants to open a law enforcement training facility outside san diego, is defended by mike hardiman.

The Left’s attack on security contractors on Iraq has been misguided and ill-informed. This guy tells the story of what they really do and why we need them.

Paul Lucas

I just read about Micheal Hardigan and his biography.
Hes nothing more than a YES man, with a penchant for spin and only works for hard right factions.

His specialty is destroying endangered species protections so developers can bulldoze over the most pristine lands in our nation.

Dont be fooled by wordsmiths who have the gift of gab my friend. Take a look at how much the tax payers are being fleeeced by groups such as balckwater. The savings Micheal Hardigan.

I'm assuming that with his specialty in the land development, environmental destruction field that Mr Hardigan and Mr Cunningham may have been co-workers at one point.

Lucas Paul

So Paul, we shouldn't believe Hardiman because he's a conservative, but we should believe you because you're a liberal?

Can't you libs put together a rational argument? Or are over-heated polemics and far-out specualtion your only means of persuasion?


Private contractors have taken part in every modern war including Vietnam, Desert Storm and OIF/OEF. Their utilization gives flexibility to war planners and enables leaders to skirt the headcount/troop level/year-end strength mandated by Congress. As the U.S. moves toward Iraqization by next spring, the reduction in 175,000 or so American service members will be offset by the hiring and deployment of more contractors. Additionally, contractors have been important because State Dept. employees (diplomats) have been shirking their dangerous duties and those in country require more personal body guards than anywhere else in modern times. The majority of Blackwater contractors are ex military personnel who are making oodles of money or are double-dipping if they are retirees. Why do civilians who own guns like to brag about them? Just curious.


For those who like to form their own opinions after reasoned consideration of the facts, the posts here: www.psc-looking-glass.blogspot.com contain some interesting info regarding private security contractors/Blackwater, info that you are highly unlikely to read anywhere else. It is only a starting point in understanding these important public policy issues, but worth a look.


Do you know anything about the Iraq war except for what you read in the papers, Paul (I am so disgusted!) Lucas?


You guys are hilarious! The red herrings you throw out could choke a Swede. Paul didn't say anything about the guy being a conservative, Lucas Paul (clever name!), so you're basing your entire rebuttal on Paul being a liberal for no reason at all. And Pat, if he doesn't find out about the war from newspapers, how is he supposed to? I assume that means you've been over there, perhaps as a part of the military operation? If so, by all means, speak up.


PS: If anyone wants my take on Blackwater: I'm not a big fan of the privatization of the military--for one thing, they're fleecing taxpayers while actual military men and women earn a pittance but do so to serve.
For another, they can't be held accountable for their actions by any kind of military justice, and I believe are also immune to lawsuits. Oversight, people, for what's being done in our name.

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