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June 21, 2007


Hey Greenhut,

You claim to be a watchdog for public waste. Where have you been on the issue of Moorlach spending such a large amount of money (as reported in County financial records and the LA TIMES) on a tv, desk and other trivial office furnishings for his County palace?

Are you afraid and intimidated at doing a piece on this issue? You claim people like Solorio are afraid of going against those union thugs. Well you are no different Steve. You are afraid of going after Moorlach plain and simple.

Super Steve


Ignore the last poster's remarks; you know the saying,"If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps the loudest is the one you hit."

As for his comments about Moorlach, if Moorlach's a "thug," then I want a Board of Supervisors full of "thugs" - especially when dealing with the out-of-control Deputy Sheriffs Association President and the Sheriff himself.

Keep throwing those rocks, Steve. As usual, you're right on in your assessment of Jose Solorio. The man always has been a union puppet.

Super Steve. Funny how you're silent on the one million worth of furniture and plasma tvs purchased for the BOS personal offices. The biggest money spent was of course by Moorlach. No one is yelping but rather we are exposing. It would just be nice to see Moorlach not talk out of both sides of his mouth. Trying to deceive the public will catch up to people like Moorlach. As for Greenhut, his articles are for pure entertainment value as much of the data he has used is completely bogus. In any case it makes for good humor watching the Register's credibility go down the tubes. Not many people read or believe Greenhut other than those of us who like a good chuckle and then comment on it. The second laugh comes when a person (not many) actually speaks up for Stevie.

Greenhut could call out a 3rd grader and the kid would still run intellectual circles around the pea brained columnist!

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