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June 11, 2007


Allan Bartlett


The party over country people at all cost may not have appreciated John Kobylt's appearance at the dinner last night, but that's too bad. A lot of people did appreciate him being there. They need to get over themselves. Prime example...look at GWB right now. He's almost singlehandedly ruining our party right now. Last time I checked, he's the leader of our party, right? In fact I dare say if he were the one there last night giving the speech and he started talking about his great shamnesty plan, he would have gotten booed out of the room.

Powder Blue Report

Mark Brainard

John Kobylt chose to address a GOP fundraising dinner while at the same time having a call to action to stop giving money to the GOP on his web site. What a hypocrite.

Phil Paule

High 5 to OC GOP ED George Andrews on a great dinner. It was well run and came off without a visable hitch. I believe that Republican Hater John Kobylt was there on the behalf of the Rudy campaign. If I was Rudy I would be a little more careful of who I choose to introduce. I can't believe it was approved by Rudy's head California guy Steve Frank.


I'f you're going to thank George Andrews (who did do a great job), then you should also thank Francis Barraza, Audra Adams and all the hard working OCGOP volunteers who made this event possible.

Cheers to them as well!

What's Wrong with Kobylt

The Republican Party needs to embrace people like John Kobylt. All of the establishment types who work for members of congress need to recognize that many of John's views represnet the base of the party and there is a huge disconnect between the party "leaders" and Republican voters.

Phil Paule

So why does John Kobylt come to a GOP fund raising dinner and at the same time call to end all funding of the GOP on his website ??? He should stick to radio and not try to be a GOP insider at the same time.

Nothing Wrong With It

I don't see anything on their website that says cut off funding to the Republican Party.

I do see something that says cut off funding to the RNC.

There is a difference between the local Republican Party and the RNC. I'm happy to help the local party but when the RNC calls, I tell them to go away. Actually, when CRP calls I do the same. Neither the RNC or the CRP is worthy of financial support right now.

One Who Knows

I agree with Phil Paule.

The printed program at everyone's place specifically stated that Mayor Giuliani was going to be introduced by Orange County's favorite mayor, Curt Pringle.

What happened?

Pringle was apparently bounced at the last minute in favor of two non Orange County goof balls (John Kobylt and Bill Simon).

But at least Pringle was allowed to present Giuliani with a Ducks cap.

BTW, very few people in attendance paid any attention to Kobylt and/or Simon.

Allan Bartlett

So why does John Kobylt come to a GOP fund raising dinner and at the same time call to end all funding of the GOP on his website?

Because unless we cut off funds to the RNC, NRCC, and RNSC, they won't understand why the base of the party is so pissed off right now. We're just going to give to good candidates that we screen for ourselves.

Laguna Niguel Larry

Who is going to tell Bill Simon that his 15 mins of political fame ended 5 years ago.

Phil Paule


Do you think Rudy's campaign would like to answer press calls from reporters asking why he has a guy who whats to de fund the RNC ( the same RNC that Giuliani will need if he wins the nomination ) introducing him at a GOP function. My point is that John & Ken should stick to their radio personas, because when you enter the political arena questions like that get asked. Kobylt has now made himself part of the Giuliani campaign and thus part of the GOP establishment that rails on every aftrnoon.

BTW Allan, do you know who is the California Chairman of Rudy's campaign ?? None other then Rep. David Dreier --the same guy Kobylt is trying to get thrown out of office.

Jeff Flint

Excellent. Phil and Allan are sniping at each other and all is right in the world again!

Allan Bartlett

I'm not a Rudy supporter at this point. I disagree with Kobylt's endorsment of him. I can see your points Phil, but that doesn't change the facts about the RNC. Until they quit trying to shove amnesty down our throats, a lot are just not going to give to the party, plain & simple. The sooner they realize this, the better. Then we can concentrate all our energy on beating Hillary in 08'.


There's only one word to describe Bill Simon: captivating!

Kevin Murphy

I thought the event was great and I enjoy John and Ken. Also, my friend Eric Beach heads California (I think Steve Frank works on the campaign in some capacity) for Rudy and Bill Simon is the Chair, not David Dreier.

Mark Brainard

David Drier was listed on the program as a chair for california. Steve and Eric are staff.

Dr. Richard Lara

Shared Sacrifice
Speech Given on Flag Day Celebration, 2007
(By Richard Lara )

The theme of today’s Flag Day celebration is “shared sacrifice,” and there is perhaps no more appropriate theme for such a celebration because again and again throughout our Country’s history it has been shared sacrifice that has advanced the United States of America, for which our flag stands as a symbol.

It was the shared sacrifice made by Patriots from each of the colonies that liberated all of the colonies from an oppressive British rule in the revolution of 1776. It was the shared sacrifice of the early states - in which each state surrendered some of its powers - that enabled the Founding Fathers to create a strong and lasting Union. It was the shared sacrifice of all Americans, but especially those who served in the armed forces, that made it possible for the United States to defeat fascism in WWII.

In some sixty conflicts from 1776 to 2000, brave Americans have made great sacrifices in order to protect our freedom and to advance the interests of freedom around the world.

Today, we are once again engaged in a conflict, and brave Americans are once again answering the call of duty by serving in Iraq. This Flag Day, we are assembled not only to celebrate the symbol of our shared freedom but also to honor their service.

As we search for a way to share in it, however, we glean something of the magnitude of the sacrifice that these soldiers and their families have made.

Ceremonies, speeches, and moments of silence all pale when compared to all that those fallen in battle once meant to all who knew them; these gestures are small consolation for all that war so mercilessly steals from the wounded and from all who experience the horrors of battle. So how can we, who have not ourselves endured such trials, hope to share in such a noble sacrifice?

US soldiers in Iraq have served each of us, and they have done so at great expense to themselves. We owe them our esteem and our appreciation. Above all, we owe it to them to fight, and to never quit fighting, to preserve the values for which they fought and continue to fight.

Today we can begin to share in their sacrifice by overcoming our differences, devoting ourselves to the values that unite us, and working to create an America that is worthy of their courageous service.

We can share in the sacrifice of our soldiers and veterans by following their brave example. Let us take up the freedom that they fight to defend and use it to fight to create an America of which they would be truly proud.

Thank you, and may God bless America.

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