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June 27, 2007


Art Pedroza

Let me get this straight. Tim Morgan was the only guy on that board who DID NOT go along with Nehring's half-baked plans. And that makes him the bad guy?

That's nuts!

Kudos to Morgan for standing firm - Nehring ought to resign for engineering this disaster. And so should the rest of the board.

Morgan did not wreck the party - Nehring and the board members did.

Read Before You Speak, Art


Read the article - the thing is that while Morgan wrote an op-ed SAYING he stood firm against Ron and Co --- the fact is, HE DIDN'T. He made it up. His whole holier-than-thou op-ed was a big, fat lie! It was fabricated. Made up.

It would've been one thing if Tim did have the moral highground to stand on here. The problem is, he doesn't!

Art Pedroza


OK - I just read the rest of it. Maybe Jubal should have included the pertinent paragraph in his post?

The one thing Powers does not note is whether Morgan was one of the 7 absent when the vote took place, per Powers' version of the story.

The bottom line is that Nehring and the entire board screwed up - not just in hiring the two men in question - but also in not really looking for anyone within the State of California. I find it hard to believe that no one in the state could have done either job.

Then again, the GOP insiders often act like lemmings. This time they held hands and all leaped off the cliff together.

This surely dooms the CA GOP in the next cycle. And from what I hear, donors are none too pleased either.

One Who Knows

"And from what I hear, donors are none too pleased either?"

Art...you name a single major contributor to the State GOP who would return your phone call or speak with you on a meaningful topic and I'll buy you dinner at the restaurant of your choice...so long as I don't have to attend myself.

Art's Mom

Arturo "hears" a lot of things. We just usually ignore him.

Baldassare Castiglione

I'm sure Larry Dodge is none too pleased and, last I checked, he's the only donor who matters.

D. Morton

I don't want to agree or disagree with anything Brandon Powers said about Tim Morgan, but I will say this: everything that Tim Morgan said about how Nehring conducted himself and the proceedings regarding the hiring process fits perfectly within Nehring's character.

The bottom line is that the CRP board screwed up royally, regardless of whether Tim Morgan was the voice of dissent from within, or the first in the line to falter. Furthermore, the accusation that Nehring steamrolled one of his buddies into a top staff position is hard not to believe. We can only hope that Nehring's letter to the CRP was more than rhetoric and certain systems will be put in place that prevent such a thing from happening again.

And finally, Tim Morgan's position is irrelevant not because of his tenure, but rather because the CRP has been a joke to the folks in DC ever since Pete Wilson retired. Until the Republicans in California can find their way out of the woods, there is nothing that any National Committeeman can do to help.


Who's the "Crazy Uncle" chairman he's talking about? He mentions 2001, so that was Shawn Steele, right?

Ready, Shoot, Aim


Read the post before you pop off. Look at the minutes. Tim was present--which is painfully obvious if you take 2 seconds to hit the link--and he voted for the COO, as did everyone else. Why are you so prone to posting comments without even reading the story? Talk about a lemming.

I do think the "crazy uncle" reference is to Shawn--who, coincidentally, I'm sure, is Tim's opponent in the CRP/RNC race. No, Tim's article wasn't the least bit self-serving.

Art Pedroza


What remains indisputable is that Nehring screwed up - and so did the entire CA GOP board. They all ought to resign.

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