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June 20, 2007



They're not really communists any more, just greedy tyrants.

My cousin who used to work for USAID had to take a tour of about 8 NV officials around the country on a business tour, and each of one of them separately came to him and said, "Psst, you know, we're not really communists, we're just waiting for the old guys to die...but don't tell anyone I said that."


Its appropriate that a real Red is staying at a Red Hotel in the Reddest part of Red County. The St. Regis is strictly a Red-GOP locale. And non-union hotel is appropriate for this guy since they don't allow free and independent unions in communist countries.


Had Triet visited Orange County five or maybe 10 years ago (circa 1999 and around the time of the Hitek video store incident), there would be much more of an uproar. I doubt many would take it to the streets surrounding the St. Regis. A protest on Niguel Road? Nah...

BTW, hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese Americans and American Vietnam veterans visit Vietnam every year. Pres. Bush went to Ho Chi Minh City last November where his translator's counterpart was the son of the "Perfect Spy," Pham Xuan An.

Red Scare

South O.C. ain't like Central O.C. Those protesters start getting hinky down there and those cops will make that deal in MacArthur park a few weeks back look like a family picnic! I predict it will be a lot of tough talk in Little Saigon while the President of Vietnam is living the good life a 5 star resort! What a great world we live in!

Re: Quang

How I will enjoying proving you wrong when it comes to Little Saigon politics.

Sure the V-A community will not mobilize 40,000 people to protest like it did in 1999 but I still think we can still provide the Communist Vietnam President with a roudy "welcome" when he set foot in Dana Point.

By the way, thousand of Vietnamese veterans goes back to Vietnam every year because maybe they still have relatives over there, their parents are probably buried there, they missed their homeland. Ever thought about that Quang?

Harkey will welcome Communists!

Commie Vietnam President in Dana Point, in midst of retired Vietnam-era milatary living there? Will Dianne Harkey boycott? NO WAY!!! Support of the owners of the St. Regis is far more important than opposing Communism for Harkey!

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