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June 05, 2007



Now that was a joke Frank Elfand looked like an ELF and Galloway with Castro's face placed over hers was classic.

I still think that it was awful for the city of Anaheim and it's residents, of course we all know Galloway will do anything for her one minute of fame only it turned out to be a joke on her.

This is a subject that should have been left in the city of Anaheim, not on national TV.

DL Hawkins

I saw it and loved it. Probably more fun because it is so close to home, but me and my wife laughed our butts off at it. the part about "driving is half the adventure in getting to D-land" comment after galloway threw out the "so many of our workers have to drive in from outside the County" was classic.

colony rabble

Something tells me that interview did not quite work out the way Galloway intended. Wow. Hysterically funny in a juvenile "making fart noises with your armpits" kind of humor. Did Lorri not know what kind of a show John Stewart does? Or did she think they would interview her to make fun of Disney? Either way it was not Galloway's finest hour, and it was pretty humiliating for the rest of us. The nation now thinks this is what we as a community are all about. A sad day for Anaheim, compliments of Lorri Galloway.

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