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June 29, 2007



I'm with you on this one. The OC Zoo provides a great opportunity for kids to see wildlife, which as we become more urban takes on even more importance.

This guy has absolutely no idea how to be a Supervisor. Jubal is right on this one. Follow the core functions of County government Moorlach. Hopefully the second district will wise up an actually elect someone who cares about the County.

What brought him his fame again? oh ya..predicting the bankruptcy. Wait...thats right, he didnt. Chris Street did.

Chris Prevatt

See Matt, I knew we could agree on something. KEEP THE ZOO.

I do also think that the Board may be wise to consider holding one of their meetings at the zoo. I've got a feeling that a few of the members may feel right at home. :)


Anon at 9:21 a.m.

In the end, John didn't call for immediately closing the OC Zoo, but for looking at ways to make it better and increase attendance.

The Board ought to take a closer look at the OC Zoo, and not take a "Thanks for the update!" response to the Grand Jury report (which they didn't).

Zoo Keeper

Why don't we re-locate Nacho the Bear to Moorlach's office to sit behind the $10K desk and watch the $9K big screen, plasma, HD, TV? What an stupid idea.

Art Pedroza

I wonder how the O.C. Zoo will fare once the Irvine Great Park opens up?

Long-time politico

Does Otto Bade still have the contract for the snack bar at the zoo?


I am going to have to check out this zoo. But it has been my experience that I have learned more about wild animals from exhibits where they are stuffed such as at the LA Natural History Museum.

Art Pedroza


Yes he is. His wife and kids run it while he sells real estate. They do a fine job! The food is very good...much better than what you might expect from a food stand at a small zoo.

Art Pedroza

I have been to the O.C. Zoo many times. You get in free when you are a member of the Santa Ana Zoo.

A few thoughts:

1. The Santa Ana Zoo does not do much to cross-promote the O.C. Zoo. Why not? They should have a poster up touting the fact that becoming a member at one zoo gets you into the other zoo for free.

2. You have to pay just to get into the park where the O.C. Zoo is located. Here is a thought - how about half-price or free parking for members of the O.C. Zoo? This would encourage others to join up in order to get a better parking rate.

3. How about occasional FREE days at the O.C. Zoo for O.C. residents and their families? If they see it for free, they might like it and buy a membership.

4. The Irvine Great Park is coming. Why not put up some sort of advertisement for the O.C. Zoo at the Great Park?

5. I just took a look at the O.C. Zoo website. They have a lot of neat programs for kids! But I have NEVER seen anything about them in print - anywhere. Obviously they need some help with P.R.

Here is a thought - collect the email address of every visitor - offer them a free zoo sticker or something in return - and email a regular newsletter. Works every time...in fact I just checked and they have a newsletter - but it is only for members. Not good! Distribute it WIDELY...


Does Otto Bade still have the contract for the snack bar at the zoo?

Bade has it at the Santa Ana Zoo. There isn't an OC Zoo concession stand.

Art Pedroza


True - that is what I meant. Bade has had the concession at the SA Zoo for some time. He also does catering...

Better than taxes

So why DOESN'T the O.C. Zoo have a food concession? Might be a good way to help pay for the operation.


My kids liked the zoo when they were little. It was a great way to introduce them to local wildlife: coyotes, raccoons, ravens, and the other beasties that live all around us but little kids only know from story books.

Haven't been there is a while, but I hope it continues. Also, as a member of the Santa Ana zoo, I agree the two zoos should do more to cross-promote one another. The two zoos are much more complementary than competitive.


There's a food concession just a 100 feet away from the OC Zoo, next to the lake house and bike rental.

And cross promotion is great if the City of Santa Ana and the County of Orange can work out some kind of arrangement.

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