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June 12, 2007


Adam D. Probolsky

This is a perfect example of why ALL campaign finance laws are stupid. She can mail this piece of mail and other poorly designed version just like it until Election Day and never have to report it.

Carol Rudat's history demonstrates that she will never be well received by voters in an election. But I support her right to spend whatever money she wants to, promoting her 'real estate business' and write it off as a business expense.

One Who Knows

Adam is right.

Not only is the mailer not reportable, it is probably tax deductible as an advertising expense for her realtor business.

Pretty crafty.

Unless, of course, she mailed it only to registered voters. That would violate state law and Secretary of State regulations.

Anyone know what list she used?

Joseph Turner

One Who Knows:

Can you direct me to the code pertaining to the legality/illegality of mailing to only registered voters?

I had never heard of this and am curious to read more about it.



Phil Paule

Thinly disguised campaign mail sent out on the anniversary of Steve Ambriz death......despicable


This exotic weed needs to be eradicated.

One Who Knows

Mr. Turner:

Elections Code Section 2194:

(a) The voter registration card information identified in subdivision (a) of Section 6254.4 of the Government Code:
(1) Shall be confidential and shall not appear on any computer terminal, list, affidavit, duplicate affidavit, or other medium routinely available to the public at the county elections official's
(2) Shall not be used for any personal, private, or commercial
purpose, including, but not limited to...

(B) The advertising, solicitation, sale, or marketing of products
or services to any voter or voter's household.

Don't Know Jack

If Jubal is still on his game by election 08, the readers of the OC Blog will once again have front row center seats to the best election sideshow this county has to offer. Bring on the Rudat!

Chip Ahlswede

I am both a registered voter and a home owner in the city of Orange. Neither my wife nor I was mailed this piece.

It is possible that she is targeting a specific territory, area, neighborhood, what have you, to attempt to rebuild her real estate practice in a given area in Orange. That is a common practice among REALTORS. Especially considering many of the projections for this year's market.


Oh c'mon, Chip - this thing is a politcal mailer, pure and simple: Statue of Liberty, waving flag, family and community values, etc, etc.

The little tag about commission % is about the only clue that this woman is a realtor. My guess is you'll get one sooner or later.

Rudat is a shark

When are you guys going to write about the 90-year old lady Rudat is suing? This elderly woman fired Rudat as her realtor. Rudat didn't sell her house. Now Rudat is suing the old woman for the commission on a house that never sold!

It would seem that Rudat sues everybody. I have never seen so many lawsuits.


Another interesting bit of information might be who (or what) paid for postal permit #217 in Orange.

Carol can't win

I can also cooberate that Carol is suing the elderly lady with Alzheimers. Heard it from one of the neighbors, apprantly this has upset quite a few people who live around her. This lady has no morals. or ethics. She would be toxic on the city council and effectively destroy city politics in Orange. Though she has an extreme uphill battle to fight in 2008. Both Jon and Tita are incumbants and extremely well liked. She is a Baracuda.

Jon and Tita for 2008

Karen A Finn

Carol Rudat makes me think about corrupt attorneys. (Allegedly)
Let her run again, she still lives in her fancy house and shows up here in Orange once and a great while. She is a real piece of work that women.
Cannot wait to shut her down on TV and on her little circus ride alongs.

Karen A Finn
Police Officers Wife

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