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June 07, 2007


Art Pedroza

I don't see Fred winning. Too many conservatives in the race. But I do see him on a ticket with Rudy.

Fred would be a big upgrade from the dour Cheney.


Smart choice. Probably your strongest candidate. Stronger then Rudolph.

But the Law and Order candidate stumbled already in saying he would pardon Libby. I thought he would come accross as different from the GOP frontrunners but apparently no...

Stay on TV!

Fred is popular because he is not the other candidates.

He supports Libby being pardoned, and doesnt think Nixon ever did anything wrong. GOPers, I sure hope you nominate this whacko.


It is a rare day that I am able to say I agree with something Mr. Devore writes, today is a rare day.

We are engaged in a difficult war. We have grown government far too large. Huge tax increases loom as the tax cuts of Bush’s first term are set to expire and as the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) grow relentlessly to ensnare more middle class Americans. Out of control illegal immigration threatens the very fabric of society. And the military, economic and diplomatic rise of a corrupt and fascist China and an authoritarian Russia threaten the U.S. in ways al-Qaeda could only dream of.

Were not all of the above ill's brought about or exacerbated by the candidate you supported in the last presidential election? Sorry to say your track record for picking leaders is not too good. Might be a good idea to stick to Orange County issues, like hemp farming.

Where do I sign up?

Thanks Chuck! Do you know who is running his O.C. campaign? Where are the offices if someone wants to volunteer? Keep up the great work you are doing in Sacratomato.

Draft Thompson

Check out www.fred08.com and www.imwithfred.com


Hey, just...asking. There's enough blame to go around. President Clinton did nothing to respond to the bombings of the World Trade Center (1993), our embassy in Kenya, and the U.S.S. Cole, thus embolding the terrorists. Presidents Clinton and Carter put together the disasterous nuclear deal with North Korea. President Clinton permitted the sale of sensitive computer technology to China. President Clinton could have addressed illegal immigration, but didn't. Your candidates haven't done very well, either.

Dan Chmielewski

and Clinton left office with a higher approval rating than Ronald Reagan, left office with a budget surplus, not a deficit, left office with international allies in place and not the scorn of other nations, left office with 8 years of economic growth and job expansion. Tell you what, let's throw out that pesky amendment and let Clinton run against Bush straight up and see who wins?

Thomas.Anthony Gordon

"8 years of economic growth and job expansion"

The econ growth and job expansion has been larger under Bush II than under Clinton and you know it. And it happened despite 911 and 2 wars.

"not the scorn of other nations"

Don't you mean cowardice?

They all hate us till they need us and then they all grovel with sweaty palms up.


"Thousands of workers and students marched on the US embassy in Bogota where they threw rocks at police and burned effigies of Mr Clinton"

So much for those international allies and the lack of scorn for your boy Bill.


Gordon---You give a new meaning to the phrase " The Ugly American" and I suspect the Bush Administration thinks of people in other countries just like you.

Mike Capizzi

Glad to see Assemblyman DeVore perpetuating the belief in the elected officials' right to use taxpayer's resources for partisan and/or political purposes.

So please vote for Fred Thomson - a message brought to you by the taxpayers of California and Assemblyman Chuck DeVore.

Silence Dogood



Lame but accurate!

Chuck DeVore

Whatever, "Mike."

I guess we'll now have to speak with Mr. Maviglio, the Speaker's chief, who carefully monitors the blogs and comments frequently during working hours. There is a policy in Sacramento that restricts staff from using state computers to blog, etc. It doesn't apply to the Members.

Alternatively, we can accept the idea that frequent and open communication of ideas with the public via the Internet is a good thing, not a bad thing, and celebrate it.

I take the latter view. Even though Mr. Maviglio has yet to say anything good about me (I'm not holding my breath), I do welcome his participation on the Internet as it improves and deepens public discourse.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

Thomas Anthony Gordon

We've all come to expect more intelligent responses from Bladerunner.

Pathetic to see you stoop to name calling instead of actually debating what I said.

Richard Rios


He will be the frontrunner. The reasons why are evident in his candor, voting history, and work as a prosecutor. I am looking for others to get involved with Thompsons efforts. Go to the www.californiaforthompson.com or the two mentioned by Draft Fred above.

We are all working together and look forward to having you join the Thompson team.

Richard Rios

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