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June 07, 2007


Phil Paule

Where is Richard Dixon's name - I hear he is really great at raising $$$$ from OCTA vendors by being "Influential"

I (heart) Commie Girl

When is JP going to drop out of this thing? It's easy to see: By JP staying in this race, Jeff Miller and JP Ledesma will split the conservative vote, and we'll get stuck with a RINO assemblyman.

Is Ledesma actually running? Does he have any money?

Mark Brainard

JP should stay in and go take Assemblyman Bob Huff out to lunch. Not for an endorsement but rather some campaign insight. There are a lot of similarities in the 2002(i think) 60th and the 08 71st.

Miller and Blais will beat the crap out of one another and JP can scoot right in. He needs just enough to keep him competitive.

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