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June 28, 2007


Everything but the kitchen sink

Looks like someone is grasping at straws and throwing in everything but the kitchen sink to try to convince people that there is widespread support when it isn't necessarily there.

Good post!


Do any of the candidates really want to compare endorsements? Miller smokes them all!

Phil Paule

My sources tell me that Corona Mayor Pro Tem and Riverside County GOP Chairman Jeff Miller had an outstanding event behind the Orange Curtain tonight. Over 75 people gathered at the home of Bob and Christine Iger to support Jeff and lend financial support to a thriving candidacy and campaign for the 71st Assembly District.

In attendance and speaking was Supervisor John Tavaglione who made an interesting point to those who gathered. He represents a very good portion of the 71st AD on the Riverside County Board of Supervisors yet he couldn’t tell any of the attendees who was running against Jeff.

With 1/3 of the campaign season coming to an end, not one of Jeff’s Orange County opponents has made any attempt to venture East (I did hear a rumor that JP attended the Temecula CRA recently….sadly about 20 miles from the 71st). However, every time you turn around in “the OC” there is Jeff Miller…not conceding an inch?

Congrats to Jeff, Christine and Bob and event coordinator Stacy Davis for a successful and profitable event that will be sure to have them buzzzzzing. Who would I rather have working for me in the OC the Igers or Gary the Council guy? By the way Saturday of the fundraising cut off for the next reporting period. All the candidates are trying to get those last dollars in. I hear there is a brownie sale outside the Ralph’s in RSM. Rumor has it Gary T bakes a mean fudge brownie.

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