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June 29, 2007


Paul Lucas

Dear Chuck,
I would appreciate it if you would not attack my favorite Democratic Governor.
Thank you,
All the best,
Paul Lucas

Long-time politico

Thank you for your leadership and fiscal responsibility. The failures of our nominally Republican Governor are mirrored by parallel failures by our nominally Republican President who spends like a drunken Democrat (no offense intended to drunkards.)


Go for it! The fiscal and social conservatives have just had a great week and the momentum is with you.

Mark Tapscott Report

Dan Chmielewski

Wow; so we're a year into the Governor's new term and he's on a pace to spend more than Gray Davis. Yet no talk of recalling the Governor from those of you on the right. What's different? The conditions are essentially the same. So why not?

One Who Knows

The real question is "why would anyone drive to OC from Sacramento?"

Wouldn't it be a lot less expensive and kinder to the environment to fly?

Chuck DeVore

In 426 miles we burn about $74 worth of gas -- that's less than the cost of a ticket for one on Southwest. Add wear and tear and insurance costs, and it's still less when you calculate we hauled four people, a dog, and a chinchilla in the car, along with some items I need to shift to the Sacramento office that are a little large for an airplane. Southwest doesn't take pets, as I recall. It costs us about $35 a day to board the dog. Driving with four people is fiscally AND environmentally prudent vs. flying.

All the best,

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

I commend the Assemblyman for going to all the trouble to keep his young family together while serving us in the Assembly. It isn't easy. Kudos!


Where do you hide your hemp???

Chuck DeVore

I don't hide it, I wear it.

Dan Chmielewski

the perfect outfit for dodging questions I see.

Richard Rios

My respect to Assemblymen DeVore for practicing what he preaches when addressing budgets and travel.

Double Kudo's from me keeping the family involved and together.

Richard Rios

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