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May 17, 2007



Everyone should be reminded that McCain's local finance committee is composed of Bren and Argyros -- people who should be rethinking their support of this traitor.



I haven't decided which GOP contender to support yet, but tossing that insult at a veteran who spent nearly a decade rotting and being tortured in a North Vietnamese prison is way out of line, and says more about you than him.


"I supported this president and he has become an absolute joke."

This bill for me truly is a stunner and the absolute last straw for me. He fights wars abroad like LBJ, and opens our homeland to all comers--the day after the Ft. Dix terrorists reveal they snuck in over the border near Brownsville and were "sanctuaried" in Jersey for 16 years!

I pray for the poor Iraqis and for this country too.


Keith wrote: Fellow OCBlogger, Hugh Hewitt is all over this development.

Then why did you cross-post this McCain hit piece here?

Keith, here's a clue, for free. Look a the very top of the page. It doesn't say "presidential politics blog," it doesn't say "push your favorite candidate blog," it doesn't even say "Washington blog." It says "OC Blog," as in "Orange County." And that is the key to Jubal's success: he keeps his stories focused on OC. A direct result of this focus is that a great many people drop by to see what's up with the OC Republican scene. The national stuff is already covered by high-profile national blogs. Wordy reposts of what is already on those national blogs is an unwanted distraction for most of the readership. If anyone wants to know what Hugh is talking about s/he can find out with only a few clicks -- no multi-paragraph post from you required.

Notice how Jubal covers the national horse race: he writes about candidates when they drop by OC, discusses their interaction with OC figures, focuses on specific OC issues. See the trend here? See how those two letters, "O" and "C" keep appearing, just like at the top of the page?

good. 'cuz next time I'll have to send you a bill ;)

Thank you for working to keep discussion civil with your reply to "Outraged."


So I guess every time we see Laura Bush, we should all laugh about how she killed her boyfriend in that driving accident, right? I'll be holding my breath!


Was Laura drunk too, and did she delay the rescue of the victim, and investigation until hours later?

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