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May 11, 2007


That Dog won't hunt!

For every imaginary billboard like this you post along the 5 Freeway, there will be 10 posted by the Sierra Club and the Friends of the Foothills praising Loretta’s leadership in protecting our natural resources and open space. Sanchez doesn't need those who don't like her vote to get re-elected. For every friend she lost, she picked up 10 more. For those interested in more information on Ken Calvert, do a google search with his name and the word “scandal”. Some of you like to criticize Ms. Sanchez but do your homework on some of the others before you throw the first stone! The road extension is toast!

Do your homework

You have got to love Wikapedia!


How many of those Sierra Club elitists are voters in Sanchez's district?


I believe Ken Calvert had a problem with women of ill-repute back in the early 90s.

Looks like he still does -- except this time her name is Loretta. What was is Joe Baca called Loretta -- a description that everyone denounced but no one denied?

Johnny Slash

Don't pet the cat, if you just met the cat!


What is it about this congressional district that breeds these fools?

First it was Dornan, a bombastic loud mouth who embarrassed the Republican party every time his ugly mug popped up on television with an "R" next to his name.

Now we are saddled with a mental midget who spends more time... "gallivanting" (Wew, that was tough finding a word that even came close to working) with young staffers than she does looking after the interests of our county.

It's time for a real leader in this community. We desereved more than Mr. Dornan and far more than Ms. Brixley-Sanchez-Lovelace-whatever. And we would prefer a Republican, but not if the Dale Dykemas, Scott Baughs, and the OCGOP elite are going to offer up more felons and fools like Otto Bade or Alexandria Coronado.

Would somebody please step up.

Liberal Commie Pinko Sierra Club Elitist

How many of those Sierra Club elitists are voters in Sanchez's district?

The two voters (and Sierra Club members) who make up our downtown Anaheim household will vote for Ms. Sanchez with pleasure against whatever ineffectual goofball the local GOP chooses to put up against her next time round -- not because of the 241, but her stand against it certainly doesn't hurt.

Unions trump Enviros

Somehow I think there may be a few more ticked off union members in her district of Santa Ana and Anaheim than tree-hugging enviros.

Let's do the math on this one... Those opposed to her vote include unions, the business community and anyone who drives a car.

Those in favor of her vote include bicycle riding or bus-riding enviros.

I think we may have you outnumbered Liberal Commie Pinko Sierra Club Elitist.

Paul Revere

Toll roads account for less than 20%-- usually more like 10%-- of the daily commutes in OC. So when the I-5 jams shut it will hardly be because the 241 S ain't built.
Look at a map-- the damn road doesn't go anywhere now, linking it up to San Onofre won't help. The problem isn't traffic up from San Diego, it's our own endemic congestion.
The longer you huff and puff about these stupid toll-ways, the longer we put off the real issue: increasing freeway capacity.

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