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May 30, 2007



Why does the chart give AD71 numbers instead of SD33 numbers?

Also, Sidhu lost in 2002 and won in 2004 for City Council. He's at the end of his first term, but he can still run for reelection (SD33 Primary in June, Anaheim City Council race in November).


It was a typo. Fixed. Thanks.

And you're right about the years of Sidhu's elections. Just got a little mixed up. Fixed. Thanks.


Norby a Clerk-Recorder? I hadn't head that one. Wouldn't he be happier returning to those halcyon days teaching civics and cheerleading for the Ladycats?

Serously though, you've gotta figure Lewis would be pushing him for the 33rd. He's a natural; thanks to Ackerman the district has been gerrymandered to include most of Fullerton. It also includes other areas of the 4th Supe District as well. Norby also has positive name recognition down south due to the El Toro fracas; plus his new wife used to live down there and may like the idea of moving back to south county.

Are Norby and Harry S. really that friendly?

Phil Paule

Duane Dichiara should never under estimated in a race of this type. I am going to support Mimi and believe at the end of the day she will win a hard fought race.

Phil Pasco

Norby will be the next Clerk-Recorder and Daly will be the next 4th District Supe, returning a Dem. to the 5th Floor.

Norby guarrantees that he gets the pension he didn't vote for which is better than the Cal-STRS one he slaved for in return for his endorsement of Daly for the 4th Supe seat. Daly reaps the benefit of being one of the very few city council people to endorse Norby against Cynthia Coad. A strategic move that will pay dividends in allowing Daly to move up to the seat he's always coveted, that of his former boss, and former County Dem leader, Ralph Clark.

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