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May 31, 2007



Boy, Mitt must be rolling in moolah if he can afford to add $tuzman to the payroll.

Joseph Turner

Forgive me in advance if I am mistaken, but I believe former State Senator Ray Haynes is working for Team Romney.

Although, it is possible that he is not on the "leadership" roster, I do know that he has endorsed and spoken at one of his past events in Riverside.


We now know what the OCGOP is going to do and whom they are going to endorse (regardless of how many times it takes to get the vote count right)

Romney will get several calls Friday morning advising him if he has Mike "Port in any storm" Schroeder on his team.....some will automatically work for the other campaign.

Or make those phone calls to the other campaign who should be happy. Mikey's track record has been waning. If he blows another one he may find it tougher to find work.

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