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May 02, 2007


Why is McCain still coming here. Doesnt he know Steven Greenhut has left the Republican party and now the GOP in Orange County is lost without him? What are we going to do without Greenhut. Im so lost now.

Hurry Greenhut get down to Newport Beach and convene a civilian review board. Things are spinning out of control.


Why did the BOS initiate the Strategic Plan process for OCHBP? How much have we paid to date for this debacle? Everyone involved in this process feels absolutely betrayed. Tuesday's action by the Board was a late agenda item leaving little time for public involvement. It is obvious that the BOS has removed this process from the public arena and placed it behind closed doors. Why didn't we just start and finish with an ad hoc committee of two supervisors, and then Kevin Thomas would still have a job.

Monkey Business

The BOS asks for input from a civilian panel regarding the OCHBPs and then completely ignores its recommendations. Why then would they consider taking the same action when it comes to oversight of the Sheriffs Department. Would it be alright for the Sheriff to ignore recommendations from a civilian oversight panel? Or would the board be outraged over similar conduct by Sheriff Carona?

The BOS demonstrates a lack of forethought when they solicit these boards with obvious agendas. What did they think the panel would recommend? Now they find themselves in a contrary position to the very people they solicited. If it wasn't so sad, it would be laughable.

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