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May 31, 2007


Unite the Clans

It seems pretty rediculous that Janet was excluded from this. Tran would be well suited to mend that fence, so that he could unite the clans and go after Loretta Sanchez's Congressional seat next year.

Me so sorry!

Janet is the one who should be puckering up and kissing some backside to try to survive the next election. It's a whole new election and she won't even get a smell without Van! But what can she really offer him at this point that he needs from her? Nothing! That's why she's not on this list. The GOP is going to be working the Presidential election hard and anything they do for Ms. Nguyen will be a token effort. I don't care how many pool parties Scot Baugh holds for Janet in his H.B. home, it's not going to get her there. Janet also needs to come clean with her campaign finance problems. Martin W. at the Register's Total Buzz is the worlds nicest guy and even he is getting tired of her games. (Read Total Buzz yesterday) The clock is ticking Janet and I hope you don't get too comfortable in that seat. Soon you will join Jerry Brown's appointee to the Board of Sup.'s who barely warmed the seat before losing the next election. Youngest to get elected and least time in office will be two records you can enjoy when you are working waiting table in some Little Saigon cafe next year!

Art Pedroza

Van Tran is so petty. He won't be happy until a Democrat takes Janet's seat, which is exactly what is going to happen if he keeps this up.

I guess the OC GOP is okay with this as Scott Baugh himself threw Janet under the bus in the Total Buzz blog the other day.

What a joke.



And how did Scott do that? By telling the truth?

Me so sorry!

Janet crawled under the bus all by herself.


Janet needs to look up herself and ask why people want to keep away from her.

Why she tried to delay the questions of Martin W. at the Register's Total Buzz ?.

Something’s fishy and went wrong in her illegal legal fund. She’s clearly violated the lawn.

Soon or later she should answer this questions to J. Brown's investigators.

Re: Martin Wiskol's Blog

May 30, 2007

Janet's missing money

Remember that Supervisor Janet Nguyen got three contributions after the February special election that were in excess of the contribution limit? Remember that when I've asked her (twice), she said she didn't know when the money was returned, who the generous donors were, or exactly how much they gave?

County code says that you have to return such overages within seven days -- and then file paperwork with the county Registar of Voters within 72 hours, documenting how much was returned and to whom.

It's now been more than two months since the money was allegedly returned. Each day I grow increasingly curious about who those generous donors were and just how much they tried to give Nguyen. Is there some reason she doesn't want the public to know who they are?

I asked her chief of staff, Andrew Do, about it and he referred me to attorney Phil Greer. I left messages on Greer's office and cell phones earlier this afternoon and haven't heard back.

Gentle reader, what would you do if you were a newspaper reporter covering this? Just ignore it and hope that someday she'll comply? Or would you keep writing stories to remind the public that she's a scofflaw?

Or would you just write another blog item, and hope that might nudge her into compliance?

-- Martin Wisckol

Posted at May 30, 2007 04:50 PM

Little Saigon cafe has standards!

RE: Me so sorry

You obviously don't have a great sense of reality because there is no way Janet is going to get a job at some Little Saigon cafe.

Try visitng my favorite Vietnamese cafe, Cafe Lu, before you make such a outrageous statement. Clearly after visiting this fine establishment, anybody would clearly conclude that Janet is no where near hot enough to peddle coffee. Check it out for your self. Cafe lu is at the same shopping center as the Loretta Sanchez campaign office.

Then, of course the scandingly clad Vietnamese super model helps

Dan Chmielewski

So does this center cater to Dems too or is it GOP only?

FYI - Cafe Lu has killer coffee

Who ever wrote this press release forgot how o use proper formating. The titles of the individual memebers is running on to the next line and is appearing under the wrong persons names.


The formatting error was mine. You cannot just cut and paste from a Word doc onto TypePad and make it look perfect. See you tomorrow.


I don't see Tan Nguyen on the list. They were all in the same photo before.

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