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May 10, 2007


Theodore Judah

Godspeed Congressman!


So how exactly does NOT building a road on Pendleton cause encroachment? The military doesn't want the road, they're just not allowed to say so.

Theodore Judah

No, what the military doesn't want is that park. Tough to train, drop bombs and practice your marksmanship when you got birkenstock wearing hippies tromping through the military base searching for the ever elusive (and nonexistent) steelhead trout.


No, actually the military likes the park, it gives them a nice buffer from the OC sprawl that you seem to love so much. And I have that straight from General Lehnert's mouth. A toll road will only facilitate construction and sprawl along the boundaries of the base. This is what the USMC wants to avoid, because once people move in, they start complaining about the noise from guns, mortars and trucks. The parks buffers residents from that.

Nice Try.

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