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May 16, 2007


Brett Nemeth

I am still of the opinion you must have too much time on your hands. Thank you for keeping us entertained.

Brett Nemeth

Actually Crescent Avenue and Lincoln Avenue are parallel and do not intersect. I believe you meant to say the corner of Crescent Way and Lincoln Avenue.

Thomas Anthony Gordon

Big whoop di do

Santa Ana has the worlds biggest pot holes and 27.4 square mile graffiti mural!

Phil Paule

I hear that Disney is getting a ton of signatures standing outside the Worlds Largest Laundromat.

I hear they hired Jeff Flint to get Curt Pringle to include them in the resort district.

Phil Paule

I heard that the Laundromat is Soooo Big that Jeff Flint had to get a seperate Earthlink contract to provide Wi-Fi in it.

Let the Leyes Roast Begin

The Laundromat is so big it can handle two loads of Leyes laundry.


I believe you meant to say the corner of Crescent Way and Lincoln Avenue..

What I meant to say was it's at the corner of Crescent and Knott. Thanks for catching that.


I thought Switzerland and Cayman Islands competed for the title of biggest launderer

oh wait, this post is about clothes


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