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May 10, 2007


What's Quang with this picture?

Quang seems like a decent fellow but my guess is he never gets to Congress. He’s like the kid in school growing up who wanted desperately to be referred to by a self imposed nickname…they never stuck no matter how many times they told their friends what they wanted to be called. Quang may have a tough time getting elected to the city council or school board let alone Congress. Quang is long on self confidence but short on a realistic estimation of his political abilities. Time will tell. Have Adam run a poll and post the results...

Eric Linder

Pham should follow in the footsteps of Van Tran, a great American Leader of Vietnamese descent. Run for local office. Prove yourself on the battlefield as Van Tran has. Then, after you've paid your dues, run for congress.

Van Tran is a great role model for up & comers like Pham, and I'm glad to see this kind of inspiration within the Vietnamese community


Quang Pham to run for Congress? He needs to pay his dues first...and take a number.


That's right rookie. Pay your dues like me. At age 36, I beat B-1 Bob Dornan in my first run at Congress, running as a Republican (Loretta Bixey-Sanchez) after losing in the Anaheim city council race in 1994. I spanked B1 again two years later and have squashed everyone else you threw at me. The Vietnamese love me more than Lucy Dunn does fer sure. Later.

Sage - Eric - "Loretta" seems he's "paid more dues" than Van Tran has...read his bio and then see what you think, here is an excerpt: Quang X. Pham is an entrepreneur and author of the acclaimed memoir, A Sense of Duty: My Father, My American Journey. At the age of 10, he fled the war in Vietnam and resettled in California. He later served as a U.S. Marine pilot in the 1991 Gulf War then started his own company. Quang has given many speeches and has appeared on national radio and television. His writings have been published in numerous newspapers. Visit his web site at www.asenseofduty.com.


Quang X. Pham is an entrepreneur and an author. He is currently serving as a consultant to several companies. He was vice president with QTC, a medical disability company, and CEO of Lathian Systems, a pharmaceutical solutions company he founded. He volunteers his time on the boards of charitable organizations and has received numerous business, community and military awards.

In his acclaimed debut book, A Sense of Duty, Quang delves into the difficulties of emigrating to the U.S. as a child refugee after the fall of Saigon. His father, a U.S.-trained South Vietnamese pilot, was held captive for twelve years in communist reeducation camps while Quang, his mother and his three sisters, were evacuated to California. His separation from his father and his own military service as a U.S. Marine Corps pilot in the Gulf War and Somalia brought many challenges to Quang’s life. He recounts overcoming those obstacles with this affecting memoir about fate, hope and the aftermath of the most divisive war America has fought.

Quang has given many speeches and has appeared on NBC, CNN, PBS and NPR. His writings have been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe and The Orange County Register. A graduate of UCLA, he lives in Orange County, California with his family.

Amy Queroz

This coward has a problem trying to murder people then telling them godbless. She is a dangerous detective from the city of Irvine

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