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May 10, 2007


Karl Rove

Chris Norby comments- "What can we do?"

Part of the responsibility for this turn of events must lie with TCA. They never took the enviros ability to play politics seriously. They have suffered for a number of years under poor strategic leadership at the staff level, in particular on the public relations front, poor political leadership at the board level, and poor strategic leadership at the legal level. And today was the end result.

I have spoken to many of the board members and staff members over the years, and not once have any of them ever acknowledged the serious threat that the enviros really did pose to this road. They never acknowledged the fact that the Sierra Club made killing this road one of their national priorities. All they did was rest on their laurels that they have beaten every environmental lawsuit they have faced.

Well, they forgot about the political piece of the equation, and now they have paid the price.

It is clear, that there needs to be a new order at the TCA, because the current strategists, the current philosophical direction the existing regime is expounding, and the lack of political estuteness is clearly beginning to show.

Not true Karl

That is not true at all. TCA at all levels has taken the environmental threat to the road extremely seriously. They have extensively lobbied in Washington and Sacramento and worked at every level to keep this project on track.

The reality is that there are no lobbyists or political strategists in the world that could have turned Congresswoman Davis or Assemblyman Huffman into a 241 supporter.

With the Dems in control of both houses in Washington and both houses in Sacramento, and with union influence waning in both places, this seemed inevitable.

Paul Revere

You guys have selective memory.
It was the Ken Calvert who first "changed the rules" in that same Armed Services Committee by leveraging the road's location on Camp Pendleton to exclude it from state review.
Talk about gall: exempting the project as it traversed a State Park!
And now you whine about what is, more accurately, the Dems changing the rules BACK.
I agree with Greenhut. A pox on both your parties.

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