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May 24, 2007


Hats off to Tony Rackauckas

Today's indictment of James Fleming is a watershed moment in Orange County history and it will have ripple effects across the country. Fleming was one of the most prominent and highly paid public school administrators in the country. Now that he is being held accountable, administrators all across the country will need to reassess how they are doing business. Hats of to Rackauckas for this bold indictment -- I hope there are more to come as he suggested!

Kelly in Aliso Viejo

My son is in Special Education in the Capistrano School District. I was just informed it was announced to the school principal and the Special Ed Teachers last week that the special ed classes at his school are being cut and he will be moved to another school with a class size DOUBLE of what it is now with only ONE AIDE. These special needs children suffer from Autism, Physical and Learning Disablities, Depression and ADHD just to mention a few. They cannot function in a classroom of that size. They will continue to fall further and further behind academically. These children should not have to suffer because of the gross misconduct of Mr. Fleming and Ms McGill. South Orange County is now listed one of the wealthiest communities in the world and we do not have enough funds to help these children who so desparately need help. I truly hope that their punishment will fit their crime. However; unfortunately, their jail time will not help my son.

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