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May 24, 2007


Dan Chmielewski

Your daughter goes to Cal? Careful, she'll come back a lefty....

As for Ann Romney, an interview she did with the Boston Herald cost her husband the election against Ted Kennedy in 1994. She complained about having to eat pasta five nights a week, not being able to entertain and only having "sales of GM stock" to support themselves while Mitt was in grad school. Margery Egan took her to task for th enumber of blue collar families in Mass who eat pasta 5 nights a week and don't have GM stock to help pay the bills. The interview and column took a race that was a dead heat into a lopsided romp for Ted Kennedy.


Your daughter goes to Cal? Careful, she'll come back a lefty....

Not a chance -- she has far too much common sense. This is a girl who told me, when she was 10 years old, that it was unfair for the government to increase your taxes the more money you make. She thought everyone should pay $10 a year. The wisdom of a child.

And she was just elected secretary of the Berkeley College Republicans.

Dan Chmielewski

Congrats on her election; my high school freshman was the only kid in his social studies class who argued in favor of gay marriage; the arguments against were on religious grounds and he used the Constitution as his basis for non-discrimination and equal protection. I'm proud of him. The Apples or Oranges never fall far from the trees do they?


Maybe thats why then President Jimmy Carter talked to Amy about nuclear weapons? Our kids are sometimes smarter than the dads!

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