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May 07, 2007


Mark Brainard

Where is Karl Rove trying to convince us that this isn't a significant endorsement? I think Congressman Royce trumps the mayor of rsm.

I think this is a significant endorsement. According to my score card this is the first cross over from OC to the Riverside candidate while out of the OC bunch, the only legislative endorsement for the OC candidates is Van Tran's endorsement of Steven Choi. Meanwhile, Jeff Miller has locked up nearly every Riverside Republican for Team Miller.

Miller is winning not only the money war but the endorsement one too.

Miller Time

This is indeed a major endorsement for Miller. Royce is very popular in the OC and his endorsement will certainly lead to more support from our end of the 91.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove has been out of town for a while.

I do agree this is a good endorsement for Miller. But Royce doesn't represent the 71st so it remains to be seen just how influential this will be among the voters in the district.

I heard a rumor over the weekend that another Riverside candidate may be jumping into the race. Someone who can self fund. Anyone hear about that?

Been Around

In fact, Ed Royce represents about 30% of the district's voters, making this a very good endorsement for Miller.

Karl Rove

30%. You better look again. It is more like 10-15%.

Been Around

Just looked at the actual numbers - I stand corrected.

Self Fund?

Can anyone in the IE afford anything? I mean, that's why they live in the IE, right? Self funding candidates don't come from Riverside!

Home town

I'm writting from Riverside Co. and I am offended by the notion that we are poor folk!
I don't know anyone in Corona or Norco, who hasn't already endorsed Miller, who would run for this. Especially since they would want to wait around for the term limits measure to be voted on. Nothing like spending a ton of money on a race and then find out you wasted your money.

Brett Nemeth

I believe this endorsement may have some impact on voters. But, more importantly, this endorsement will resonate with the campaign contributors and the political activists. It will definitely help Miller in OC.

By the way, there's plenty of money in Riverside County. (I live in OC).


Dave Gilliard = Ed Royce = Jeff Miller.

$$$ talks, consultants listen...

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