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May 30, 2007


don't care

no comments because no one cares about diane harkey.

Silence Dogood

I beg to differ "don't care".

I suspect few people care about this race because the election is a year away and Harkey already seems to have sewn up the contest AND Rackauckas's endorsement is a no brainer (Harkey is the only credible candidate so far in the race and she deserves to win).

A lot of people care about Diane Harkey.

DP Resident

"(Harkey is the only credible candidate so far in the race and she deserves to win)."

What exactly has she done to "deserve" to win? Her biggest accomplishment todate is her ability to spend money.

Lim Jacy

Why doesn't Jim Lacy use his own name instead of lame pseudonyms?

It's not like he's fooling anyone.


Harkey will be a deer in the lights in Sacramento!

But you can't overlook her abililty to spend her way into an office. She's proven to not be a good local councilmember, and not very fiscally conservative when it comes to spending her own money. So tell us again why she will be successful as an Assemblymember?

Let's Make it Interesting

Maybe Jim Lacy should run for this seat too... Come on Jim...Fire up your machine and call in some of you're Republican favors. What are you waiting for?

DP Resident

This is not the first time I've raised the question about her qualification. Except for her "being a good campaigner", no one has even come close to answering.

A lot of people in town bought her song and dance, and now feel burned. Jim Lacy tried to work with her, and he went up in flames. At least sending her to Sacramento would get her out of DP. Too bad the rest of the County would have to suffer before finding out what she is really like.

Retired Cop

Does anyone hear Rocky Chavez's name come up? He has been out fundraising and schmoozing developers looking for support for what???

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