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May 29, 2007


Andy Favor

I was all set to run for this seat. However, after spending the day with Jose Pinera I am considering running for congress so that I can champion private social security accounts. I cannot express in words what an amazing individual Mr. Pinera is. He will be speaking this evening at the Villa Nova and I encourage everyone to come out. The insolvency of the Social Security System could be the biggest issue facing our nation and Jose's solution to the crisis is inspiring.


I wish I could make it this evening. This is one of the issues dearest to my political and personal heart, and a front in thw war of ideas where the GOP can still go on the offensive against a Democratic Party that is purely reactionary on this issue.

Silence Dogood

Cassie would be making a monumental mistake jumping into this race, but I wouldn't put it past the likes of Gilliard et al. to recruit an opponent simply to drive up the consulting fees on Harkey.

Here's hoping that doesn't come to pass.

Karl Rove

This would make for an interesting cat fight.

Long-time politico

I am not a supporter of your idea of offering 'frequent user points' to candidates; it would just encourage them.

and as to the inevitable litigation that would come with a de Young v Harkey campaign, the question is, which side has retained schroeder and which side has retained greer

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