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April 27, 2007


Andy Favor


I thought Reagan said, "I never left the Democratic Party, the Party left me." Reagan did not stay in his beloved party, he left when they changed directions.

I say the same thing as to why I left the GOP. I never left, the party left me.

Republicans have a chance to right their ship by aggressively supporting Ron Paul. He is the last great hope for the Reublican Party which is why my wife and I both have Ron Paul for President bumper stickers on our cars. We never left the party, but the party sure left me and I for one am trying to do something about it.

Andy Favor
Former Alternate to the Republican Party of Orange County.

Currently the Libertarian Candidate for 73rd Assembly.

11th Commandment

Thank God he is gone. Good riddance.

not a greenhut fan

Who would of ever have thought that liberal, cop-hater is a member of the GOP.

Andy Favor

Hopefully Steven's article will generate a discussion of the direction the Republican Party has taken. Since Jubal brought up Reagan, I think it would be beneficial for Repulicans to re-read chapter 19 of Reagan's "An American Life." That is one of my favorite books and that one chapter is a real jewel. The second paragraph says, "One day I came home and said to Nancy, "You know, something just dawned on me: All these things I 've been saying about government in my speaches, all these things I've been criticizing about government getting too big, well it just dawned on me that every four years when an election comes along, I go out and support the people who are responsible for the things I'm criticizing."

In this chapter Reagan goes on to give a history of our nation's founding principles of limited government and finally his change in political parties.

For anyone who has not read an American Life, go get it. It is fantastic and Chapter 19 is something truly worth re-reading every year.

So is Greenhut accepting a position and the Orange County ACLU branch? Or better yet perhaps he is going to get jumped in to a local street gang to fight the law abiding citizens and police! Maybe he can open a new propoganda publication for a prison gang. Wow Greenhut the possibilities are endless. Sail on and dont forget to take your keyboard so you have cover to hide behind!

How about Greenhut leaves for Iraq while he's at it. Im sure the terrorists would love his views against law and order. Are things that bad for Greenhut that he needs to try to hype up his articles in hopes of selling more advertisment and papers? Things must be getting worse and worse for that man. What party is left for him.....the Democrats (wont have him), Independant, Peace and Freedom (he'd fit in), Green (not sure Gore and Greenhut's head would fit in the same room) or ???? Any more ideas?


Also time to go

Andy Favor

Anonymous, as member of the Executive committe of the Libertarian Party of Orange County, I can say that we would be honored to count Steven Greenhut as a member of our party.

cold as ice

after reading his column, several times to be sure not miss anything he might have said. It appears he has the current disease of most in America today.

Instead of fighting for what he believes in and wants, he turns tail and runs away.

Why is it so hard to stand and fight for what you believe?

Andy we are happy to give Greenhut to you. Please send $5.00 for the trade.

Cold are you surprised?


The Republican party like the whole of society covers a range of opinions and approaches to government. Without libertarian Republicans like Greenhut (and me, and maybe you?) to keep your conservative opinion out front the party will be overrun with those with more liberal opinions.

Those whose ideas we would disagree with tried hard to take over both parties with that ridiculous open primary initiative they paid to have passed a few years ago, and we had to fight them back. They wanted to move us and the Democrats to the middle.

And guess what, that's how it works! There are a range of opinions and approaches, a constant pressure, and the way the party as a whole goes is determined on how persuasive you are at bringing forth YOUR opinion. Convincing as many as possible. I do my part. Do you?

So Steve Greenhut, please stay in the Republican party, put your ideas and opinions forth and make your case. Convince as many as possible.

And remember, if you can't win elections you can't make changes. There is a balance that must be reached.

As Tommy Fuentes used to say: "We Republicans serve an important purpose, even in this state which is mostly Democrats. We provide an important contrast."

Without us, who would provide that contrast? That's why we need Greenhut. Or we might only have liberal Republicans to provide that contrast within the party. Nobody wants that, especially Steven Greenhut. Or so I would suspect.

It's hard work, I know. It can be discouraging. But you have a good pulpit to preach from at OCR. Keep up the struggle, and we will eventually win.

Until that time comes we will provide that needed contrast.

Art Pedroza


Stand for something? Say what you will for the Dems. They usually stand for something even if what they believe in is wrong and misguided. The Reeps usually stand for lining their pockets...


Keep commenting, Art. Every time you do, it's a reminder of why the rest of us are glad you took your idiocy out of the GOP.


Art, that's just ridiculous.

Both parties have their problems.

You have to keep your opinions at the forefront. Convince as many as possible. Or the only voices the elected people will hear is the lobbyists.

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