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April 03, 2007


Ryan Gene is incorrect

No response to the "there ought NOT to be a bill" contest which may elicit actually usueful recommendations. My other thought is that Miss Kim has now truly experienced what life in the political process is like. Creating a bill without any controversy or criticism would not have been a lesson in real life politics.

Adam D. Probolsky

Did Harman really just 'defend' himself by proudly proclaiming he has amended his bill to replace one legislative mandate with another?

No Adam

No, I don't think he defended himself by switching one mandate for another.

He defended himself by attacking you for criticizing a 17 or 18 year old "child."

You gotta love Sen. Harman. Most politicians use children as a reason, he uses them as an excuse.

A bad bill is a bad bill, regardless of how it is presented. Afterall, it is Harman who selected this bad bill as the "winner" of his little contest when he could've selected something that limited government or improved society rather than helping train the next generation of authoritarian politicians.

Brett Nemeth

Before Assemblyman Harman introduces a bill and waste taxpayer’s dollars, he should think it through thoroughly. It is better to submit 3 good bills rather than 3 good bills and 15 bad bills. We already have way too many laws that it’s hard for us lawyers to keep up with. He is an elected official and should be responsible for his own decisions. It is cowardly to use the defense that Adam Probolsky was attacking the idea of an “innocent child”. This defense by Mr. Harman insults Ms. Kim. Ms. Kim is probably an extremely bright student who is obviously capable of getting her point across. She apparently just missed it on this one. Assemblyman Harman should just admit that he made a mistake and move on. I know I make mistakes every day.

Brett Nemeth


No disrespect to Sen Harman BUT there is already a law in place that requires 40 hours for graduating seniors so why is he making a new one?


Man, the hatred for Sen. Harman on this board never ceases to amaze me...

Silence Dogood

I like how Harman uses a teenage girl as a human shield, because teenage girls' ideas are always unassailable. He even puts up her photo to tempt our sympathies.

The road to Hell is paved in...what?


The joke, of course, is that if Probolsky called Harman, he would not have received a response. Most aides are happy to take comments but they generally won't call back to explain why a bill was pushed through or engage in discussion with a constituent about the merits of a bill.

Silence Dogood

Good point calwatch.

Also, the backlog at the Register for OpEd submissions was/is probably such that Probolsky submitted the piece prior to the March 28 mandate switch-a-roo.

Another idiom, perhaps is appropriate:

Ships passing in the night...


What is the big deal about this bill. These kids are getting a free education paid for with tax payer dolars. What's wrong with making them give something back?

Silence Dogood

NeoCon -

That would be a fine argument except we REQUIRE them to get that free education, because we recognize it's ability to bear forth positive externalities. They're giving something back by simply going to school and making the most of it (getting educated).

It's not like welfare where individuals have a choice whether or not to accept government provisions.

Silence Dogood

Of course, I meant we REQUIRE them to get that free education or else show proof of enrollment in something comparable (id est private education, home schooling, etc.).

Richard Rios

OK, admittedly I am a little slow on this one because I don't see the issue here.

Senator Harmon introduces a contest to engage our youth to get involved in legislative/political process. I actually encourage this as most couldn't even identify our National Secretary of State or CA's Lt. Governor.

The selected winner is allowed to submit the bill. Great way to bring up the next generation of leaders.

Ahh, takes me back to Saturday morning cartoons..."I'm just a bill, I'm just a bill and I'm stuck here on Capitol hill..."

The submitted bill was amended in committee (or consulting). Isn't that normal? If the requirement clause was removed prior to submission, would it have been Miss Kims or Harmons?

And as we all know just submitting a bill does not make it law. Additionally, as I have reviewed submitted legislation in the past, the one by Miss Kim at least tries to encourage participation instead of handing out free money to companies supporting politicians or promote general welfare support.

Open for clarification.

Richard Rios


Are you kidding? I know Sen. Harmon is no darling of this blog, but this is ridiculous!

I guess if the bill would require the kids to work in the hemp fields that would be ok and pertinent to the district he represents. Oh never mind, hemp issues are only important for OC Assembly members.

Sen. Harmon takes education seriously, if more elected leaders spent time instead of our tax dollars; the money we do spend on education would go to more effective uses!



Frankly, I've found Harman's Senate staff to be extraordinarily responsive, and Harman was out doing positive outreach in coffee shops at both ends of his district on Monday, widely publicized in the local papers, and in his email newsletter.

The student-sponsored legislation contest is the kind of thing I love. As I understand it, each legislator has a limited number of bills they can introduce, I think 40 every two years. Frankly, I think we would all be better served if a part-time legislature had a limit of 10 every year, with half of them being submitted in contests among their constituents.

Silence Dogood

just...asking... and Critic (Harman staffers both, I'm guessing) -

Too late! The bill has been well tarred and feathered. Thanks for playing.


Nope wrong again, not a Harman staffer! I'm nobody's staffer, maybe that is why I can see past election losses and focus on whats good for my district! And like it or not Sen. Harmon is my representative for now. I find working with our representatives is much more effective than constantly trying to undermine them.

Liberals like Harman

"Nope wrong again, not a Harman staffer!"

Harman does a grandstanding stunt to get free press by exploiting local schoolkids to "write a bill." He picks the most politically-correct student with the stupidest idea. Then wastes thousands of taxpayer dollars to introduce, print, amend and re-print a bill that does NOTHING meaningful after amendment.

Liberals like Harman LOVE to spin the wheels of government just because they can - its NOT their money, after all!

Charmin Harman

Lets see... It is okay to introduce any bill -- no matter how socialist -- as long as it never passes.

That explains Harman's Diaper Tax. But it didnt pass because Harman is too liberal even for the Democrats!


To Just asking - making kids volunteer to graduate has nothing to do with education. We should not be legislating morals.

Don't upstage the Senator!

What kind of a "lesson" is it to any kid that an opportunisitc politician will exploit you to get press coverage becuase of your supposedly superior idea for legislation, only to gut the bill at the first opportunity because it was stupid or unworkable or inferior?

Welcome to Tom Harman's government, kid, where there are NO Principles, only Photo-Ops!


Don't upstage the Senator - actually that is a valuable lesson - lol. One that many people will learn sooner or later. Lucky her she learned it soon!

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