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April 29, 2007


Did Greenhut think that much of himself that he had to anounce his departure? First Greenhut states he wants more government in certain areas and then out the other side of his mouth he states the GOP is for more government so he is leaving. You cant have it both ways Greenhut! Talk about flip flop! I wonder what his big announcement will be next week. Can't wait!

I heard Greenhut is going to do a piece next week on the jackbooted thug cops in Garden Grove for outing the child molesters that moved into a local hotel. Greenhut is angry that the cops are using Megans Law to hide behind. I think Greenhut is going to propose a civilian oversight committee to oversee the protection of child molesters and their rights to live wherever they want without being outed!

Republican Revolution

What really concerns me is what will happen with a Democrat President.

Clinton was held in check, partly by Republicans in Congress who still believed in Republicanism.

With Republicans who no longer care about limited government, what will happen if/when a Democrat becomes President.

This almost sounds like the party line, "if we are so bad, imagine the alternative."

The alternative, I imagine is that with a Democrat President, Republicans in Congress will suddenly reinvent themselves as fiscal conservatives and start functioning like they did when Clinton was President.

With a Democrat President, government will actually expand less.

Andy Favor

Republican Revolution, that is not true. Steven Moore, the founder of the Republican fundraising group "The Club For Growth," (of which I as a Libertarian am a member) wrote a great article for Insight Magazine. The article's date is March 27, 2000. But it clearly shows that government growth was flat while there was a Democratic President and Democratic Congress. When the Republicans took control in Nov. '95 then spending started to accerlerate. The article does not include data from when GW won the presidency, but when there was a Republican President and Republican Congress, spending really took off. I appear to only have one page of the article, but I would be happy to fax it too you.

Reagan Republicans have a chance to reclaim their party by embracing Congressman Ron Paul. So if you want to "Change the Debate in 2008," I suggest you take a look at the Ron Paul campaing. But if you find that you are a lone wolf in the new party for big intrussive government, then I welcome you to check out the Libertarian Party.

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