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April 26, 2007



Go right ahead and waste your party's money on paying bounties for registrations. We'll just end up switching them back in three years.

Keep pretending Jason

Yeah, but even if you're right, you Dems have to burn money trying to do it.

Art Pedroza


Thanks for referring your readers to my blog. However, I would refrain from calling it a "liberal blog." Our writers come from the left, right and center and hail from the GOP, the Democratic Party, and at least in my case are DTS as well.

With regard to voter fraud in Central Orange County, it did happen, a lot, and the culprits were GOP contractors. Make of that what you will.

I don't know how you Reeps are going to succeed in registering folks in our area given the futility and ineptitude of the Bush Administration. Moreover, locally you are being pulled down by a plethora of dead weight, including Sheriff Carona, DA T-Rack, and far too many lame local elected officials and legislators for me to cite.

In Santa Ana your top GOP elected officials are Councilman Carlos Bustamante, whose lack of ability is epic and whose loss in last year's supervisorial election was likewise one for the ages; SAUSD Trustees Rob Richardson and Rosie Avila, who just presided over the loss of $2 million in revenue because their handpicked Superintendent bungled class size reduction; and Supervisor Janet Nguyen, whom many in your party are already trying to destroy. Nice.

Even if Correa's bill fails, the future for the GOP in my area is nil. At least until you dump the dead weight, develop better candidates, and stop basing your campaigns on hatred of Mexicans.



For the sake of productivity:

What do YOU propose the Republican party do to strenghten its position in Santa Ana?

Art Pedroza


The OC GOP's biggest problem in Santa Ana is that most of its local leaders are acolytes of Democrat Mayor Miguel Pulido. If you look at the 69th AD Caucus you will find three of them: Tim Whitacre, Oscar Garza and Brett Franklin. They refuse to recruit GOP candidates for local or legislative offices, because Pulido won't let them oppose his fellow Dems.

So that needs to be fixed. Secondly, the OC GOP needs to encourage candidates throughout the county not to use Mexicans as whipping posts.

Also, the elected Reeps in Santa Ana need to be ousted. Bustamante, Avila and Richardson are not popular with the public, at this point. The latter two might well end up in jail soon. Time to dump all three of them!

It might be a good idea to stop fighting your fellow Reep, Janet Nguyen. Concurrently, stop relying solely on Van Tran to develop support in the Vietnamese community.

Bottom line - recruit local candidates, clean house at the 69th AD and amongst current elected Reeps, and get involved in local issues to a greater extent. (Gang violence is a huge problem right now - but so far no input from the Reeps I mentioned). Also, show up to local events once in awhile.

Regardless, the OC GOP will not soon prevail in my area - but at least you can start to develop a plan that might bear fruit in say five to ten years.

Go away Pedroza

Pedroza, You are one delusional, messed up dude who doesn't know his back door from a hole in the ground. You are an arm chair quarterback at best. It is YOU who is not "popular" with the public in Santa Ana -except with a small group of left-wing kooks. Rob, Rosie and Carlos have not caved in to your "Kiss my ring or feel the wrath of my blog" ways and that really bothers a control freak like yourself. All three - especially Rosie have toed the line for Republican values without any help from you, ever. You did nothing for anyone of them (like you usually do) but you love to run around in private phone calls, e-mails and on your blog and crow about how important you are. Puuleeeease!

You vowed to never come over to Red County anymore. I know keeping promises or telling the truth are both forgien to you, but at least try to honor one thing in your life.
Stay over at Orange Juice where you belong.
We know how to find you to read the trash you print, if we ever want to roll our eyes and laugh...


No Art - Jubal got it right! Besides what are you doing HERE....you threw your little temper tantrum just over a month ago and vowed to not even look here anymore...Ahhhh I know...you are trying to get traffic to your site since you realized you were wrong and that Jubal was correct in stating that the majority of your blog's traffic is a result of OC Blog.

Art Pedroza


Typical. If you can't beat someone in a debate, ask him not to debate in the first place.

The truth is that I am suffering from tendonitis in both wrists. I am trying to limit my writing for good reason. I will comment here when you folks attack my friends or write about my area. Until my wrists fall off that is.

BTW, the poster above you referred to Rosie's Republican values. Would those be the ones that just resulted in the loss of $2 million dollars due to inept administration at SAUSD - as well as insufficient oversight from our trustees?

As for our numbers, over at the Orange Juice, they are doing quite fine, thanks very much. Obviously we have a built-in readership because we have been covering the corruption at our city hall and at our school district for some time. We also get readers from many sources, Red County included. I am now serving as an editor at Topix - Santa Ana, and that too is driving up our readership. I am grateful to have so many readers.


Art I never asked you not to debate....I like it when you participate - gives me someone to fight with :-P

I was merely pointing out the fact that you had a hissy fit a while back and said you would no longer be posting here. Whcih you did not for a bit....then started popping up again. Hmmmm, seems curious to me.


And Jubal dropped Orange Juice from his blog link...and has now brought them back. People say or do things and then change their minds. So if Art wants to come to OC Blog again, big deal.

Jose M

For me it was easier to remember ocblog address than the OC juice address.

So Art, if you want bloggers to go directly your site just make an easier to remember address.

Then maybe will you see traffic starting at your website and going to the Ocblog

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