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April 19, 2007


He worked for Daucher and Trung Nguyen...is that a proven record? Really?


Having known and worked w/ Saulo I'm happy to hear that OC GOP has hired him for voter registration. Saulo has a great understanding of voter demographics in OC and what it will take to close the gap between registered Dems/Reps. I'd rather take someone with the experience that Saulo has in their twenties rather than a forty something "never-learned anything political hack" any day.

Claudio Gallegos

What hyoperventilating are you talking about Matt. I was upset at the fact that the ED of the Republican Party had the nerve to call Ryan Gene Williams and tell him to delete the portion of the post that mentions Saulo being hired. If they wanted it deleted, they should have called Art himself, not order one of our co-bloggers to delete it. That is censorship pure and simple. Say, hypothetically speaking, you had some Dem blogger at Red County, I would never ever ask them to delete something you wrote, even if it was outing something big regarding the Democrats. It is unethical and wrong.

I could care less if Mr. Almost is hired by the GOP. Even in the off season since the election the Democrats continue to gain in registration in Central OC. That means people are becoming Democrats on their own. The only way the GOP can gain is by sending some more signature gathering carnies to switch people. They better hurry though, Correa's bill to ban this bounty practice is moving through the State Senate and with the way the Governor is acting right now, I have a good feeling he will sign it.

M. Johnson

Saulo got hired because he works hard, and follows through on his word. He fights with his actions rather than talk. Refreshing to see in a field often dominated by blowhards. I'd rather have an almost than a never tried.


Claudio - asking someone to remove a post is not censoring. It is simply, asking someone to remove a post. If Ryan or Art had removed it - that would be censoring. I'll admit it takes a lot of cahones for someone to call and ask that but let's not make a mountain out of a molehill.

Bryan Lanza

Saulo is Jimmy Camp's love child

Although I never worked directly for Jimmy's political department during Bill Simon for Governor, I did learn two very important lessons on that race.

Lesson 1: The only poll that counts is the one on election day. When I joined Simon's campaign, we were hovering around 3%. By the time primary day rolled around, we trounced Dick Riordian by close to 20 points.

Lesson 2: Jimmy Camp is good at his job. The Simon campaign served as a political classroom for me with Jimmy serving as a guest instructor. I'm sure that Jimmy learned his craft from someone else, but like any seasoned political veteran, he molded and revised it into something that's very effective for his candidates.

In 2004, I was placed in South Dakota by one of the republican committees as a GOTV consultant. Our plan was called the '96 Hour Effort'. During the planning phase of this program I wisely implemented some of the programs I credit to Jimmy. Revisions were made to work in South Dakota, but the principles remained the same.

Guess what. It worked. We increased turnout to a level never seen before in South Dakota. This effort is directly credited for electing Senator John Thune.

Last year I managed one of the campaigns for the special election in the 50th Congressional. I hired Saulo as the candidate's body guy. He endured crap for six months, but his commitment to me and the race never wavered. At the conclusion of the race, I offered a glowing recommendation of Saulo to Victory '06 and insisted they hire him. They did.

I went on to manage Lynn Daucher's race for State Senate. Within a few months, I stole him from V '06 to serve as my deputy manager. Not bad for someone who just six months earlier was a body guy (this business offers quick advancement). Some V '06 people weren't happy with me for this and justifiably so. They recognized Saulo's talent like I did.

After his transition to Orange County, we finalized his job responsibilities. Everyone continues to insist that Saulo was just the absentee guy on Daucher, which is fine, but he did more....a ton more. I taught him the basic Jimmy programs, adapted as I saw fit for our race, and Saulo continued to morph them into a program that worked for him, and well, the campaign as a whole.

Getting back to my title of Saulo being Jimmy Camp's love child...

When the 1st district supervisor race ended up in a recount, I witnessed Saulo and Jimmy working against one another, unaware of their common bond. It was impressive that Saulo took a relatively unknown candidate to a 3 vote margin. It was based on a structure I learned from Jimmy and Saulo learned from me.

This is a funny business and our bonds are deep.

I look forward to the day that I can run a race head to head against Jimmy. It wouldn't necessarily be teacher against student because he never taught me directly, but I do look forward to it regardless. I suspect my candidate would win. Someday I'm sure Saulo will look forward to the chance to run a race against me, and this cycle will continue with those he teaches.

The Orange County party should be commended for hiring Saulo. Not only because of his tremendous talent, but because he is a solid republican.

A long time ago I was told that in this business you are judged by your enemies. If your enemies are mostly democrats then you must be doing something right. They're willing to tear you down, especially people like Andrew Davey who posted on the Calitics page. He's just a punk with a computer.

Anyone who implies that Saulo is Anti-Hispanic is a moron. Saulo is an immigrant, and like me, his first language wasn't English. We're both very proud of our Hispanic heritage, and I am proud of the progress he'll make in Central Orange County.

Art Pedroza


Wasn't Saulo at the helm when Trung went to the border to stop the Mexicans? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. He may have grown up speaking another language, but the language Trung used was the language of hate.

The Dems are LAUGHING at your party for putting Saulo in charge of voter registration for central county. Take from that what you will.

Finally, why wasn't Janet Nguyen consulted about this decision? It is an insult to take a lead Trannie guy and put him in this position, and you know it.


The real enemies in this case is not the Democrats who are attacking Saulo Londono on the blogs, it is the Republican(s) serving on the GOP Executive Committe who leaked the info to Art Pedroza via Ryan Genes.

Who on the Exec. Committee would be interested in placing a target on Londono's head because Saulo ran a campaign against his client?

Saulo G. Londono

I don't blog much, but I will say this:

Matt, Travis, Mike, & Bryan - Thank you for the kind words.

Claudio Gallegos - If your party is doing so well, then you have nothing to worry about.

Art "Mentiroso" Pedroza - The funniest aspect of your latest senseless rant is the fact that you were Lupe Moreno's campaign manager.

Ryan Gene

Just posting my thoughts: Claudio is right. George did call me to talk about Art posting that information.

I found it to be internal party affairs and edited it from Art's post. I even called Art and told him that I was going to cut it. However, as I told George, that probably wouldn't stop Art from putting it back up there or telling another OJ blogger from posting it.

So, how did Art get the information? Beats me. I wasn't the one who told him. The only person who knows who gave Art that information is Art. In fact, while we're in a public forum... Art who gave you that information?

Further more, Cow, I'm upset about your pitch to the world about me being an enemy to the OC GOP. That couldn't be more false.

You want to know who the REAL enemy of the GOP is in Central County? I'd talk to the guy who I bent over backwards for helping Lt. Bill Hunt.

Keep in mind that we've got good Reeps in Santa Ana who voted for and supported our endorsed candidates at the local, state, and federal level. We will continue to do so, because we believe that our party best represents the American dream. And we'll do it with or without the help of the rest of the caucus.

jimmy camp

I would like to chime in with Jubal and say that the OC GOP is lucky to have Saulo. I spent a week in a recount room with the guy and can tell you that he is top shelf. I also appreciate the kind words from Brain Lanza, but after reading his post that called Saula my "love child" and based on his comments, the logical conclusion is that Lanza would be the mother of this "love child". I must have been drunk that night.

All kidding aside, I have seen Saulo in action and I expect to see great things in his efforts for the party.

And one final note to Brian...In a head to head race against me you "suspect that your candidate would win"?...I tell you what, just for sport, let's pick a school board race that's coming up and we'll run opposing candidates, for free, and the loser has to walk barefoot through dog-poo park and then take the winner to Mortons for Dinner.

With warmest regards,


Gustavo Arellano

"petulant chaff": great turn of words, Jubal, but you come off as elitist.


Art - do you truly believe that any BOS was consulted about the hire? In fact I would be curious about who/if they consulted any elected official. Why should they? Besides, what difference does it make and WHY do you care? You are no longer a Republican AND you no longer post on this blog REMEMBER?

Bryan Lanza

Art: Yes, Saulo did run Trung’s campaign and by all accounts did an outstanding job. Everyone seems to forget how very few people believed Trung would be there in the end. The party endorsed someone else, the money to someone else, and traditional organization went somewhere else. They truly ran the right campaign for this race.

You know you can’t have it both ways, Art. I don’t want to get into candidate bashing, but didn’t someone send a letter to Republicans stating that their family ‘immigrated the right way’ while insinuating that Hispanics do it the wrong way? As a Hispanic in Santa Ana, that was offensive to me and my family, and I’m sure a poll of the average Hispanic voter in Santa Ana would reflect my feelings.

That elected official still has a lot of work to establish themself in Santa Ana, and believe it or not, Saulo will be an ally in this fight. Even if all he does is work diligently to register voters, she benefits like any other republican in the area. So what if she wasn’t consulted. I suspect she may have already benefited from Saulo’s efforts.

Trung’s campaign focused on a demographic of people to increase his name ID. It’s no secret that he’s Vietnamese, it’s only logical that he would target people in a close knit community to which he belongs. The campaign was successful, especially in light of the extremely high name ID so many other candidates had.

I understand you left our party out of frustration. We all get frustrated sometimes. I read your post and get that all you're trying to do is jab the party in the eye. You have every right to do that, but your criticism is way off the mark with Saulo. I hope you recognize that.

Ryan: I was Art’s source, and you know it. Do not try to play coy by asking Art who told him. It was an error in judgment on my part, and I apologized to George and Saulo last night. This will not affect Saulo’s efforts. I am confident he will do a great job.

Jimmy- As always, your perspective on things is truly funny. The mother comment made me laugh.

When I get back to California, it’s GAME ON. Might I recommend to you Ryan Gene for Santa Ana School Board?


"petulant chaff": great turn of words, Jubal, but you come off as elitist.

I didn't realize it was elitist to use one's vocabulary. Would "baloney" be more to your liking?


Take a look at the credentials and experience of the commenters who are vouching for the wisdom of hiring Saulo, and those who are criticizing the hiring. That should tell you everything you need to know about whether it was a good idea.

George Andrews

the thought of jimmy and lanza making babies made me gag on my bagel this morning

im glad to see saulo's daddies are proud of him.

i am also proud to have saulo on board. He is a good man. He grew on me while we were burning out Nextel phones with dials during the CD 50 runoff. He will work hard for the county party


What hyoperventilating are you talking about Matt.

Why don't we start with the headline: "Republican Party of Orange County Attempts to Silence Orange Juice"

That's hyperventilating. What happened was the Ed of the OC GOP called O-J blogger and OC GOP Executive Committee member Ryan Gene to ask him to edit out the reference to Saulo's hiring. That's not the "Republican Party" trying to "silence Orange Juice." And it's not censorship -- a term too often used as a scare word by people who've forgetten what it actually means.

And this gem: For all their flag waving, America loving talk, they once again show their disdain for the very basic right of all Americans, FREEDOM. Instead of obsessing over the second amendment, the OC Republican Party should look more into that 1st Amendment, you know that pesky Amendment that gave Art the right to post what he did.

That's hyperventilating, Claudio. That is so over-the-top and off-the-mark I can't believe you yourself take what you said seriously.

And NO REPUBLICAN, nor DEMOCRAT for that matter, has a right to try and censor what we post simply because there is something written that makes them mad.

Au contraire, George had every right to make the request of Ryan that he did, just as you and Art have every right to say, "Nope."

I was upset at the fact that the ED of the Republican Party had the nerve to call Ryan Gene Williams and tell him to delete the portion of the post that mentions Saulo being hired.

Claudio, George can't tell Ryan to do anything. Ryan is a member of the Central Committee, and George works for the Central Committee.

Joe Giardiello

Add my name to list of those who know Saulo is, without question, the best person for the job of running the OC voter registration effort.

I have managed dozens of races and have worked with dozens of campaign managers - some great, some not so great. And I have also seen more than my share of those who would like to think they know how to manage campaigns but have never had the nerve to actually try and run a race just once. So I can say with a bit of experience to back it up that there is no one with Saulo's drive, commitment and natural ability for the job. It was a pleasure to work with him on Trung's campaign and his professionalism and talent made my job easy. It is good to see such talent recognized for a change. The day of the armchair campaign manager/blogger is coming to a close – and it is about time.

The central OC Dems are worried with Saulo so involved. They came within a whisker of losing a Senate seat and lost a Supervisors seat. They know an “in the trenches” guy like Saulo is what is needed to turn the region from the dark side.

Semper Fi

Bryan Lanza leaks secret GOP info to Art Pedroza, blames Ryan Gene, then proceeds to tell Ryan Gene he'll make his life unlivable.He also posted a threat recently about slamming someones head through a wall.
Sounds like someone needs anger management

Good grief! And they say women get emotional!!! Come on guys...get a grip.

1. Saulo doesn't **need** defending. His work speaks for itself. He has proved his competence time and again, and even if he hadn't, the GOP can hire whomever they want.

2. Ok, Bryan Lanza made a mistake. Will everyone who has NEVER made a mistake please stand up? Hmmmm. Just as I thought...seems we are all guilty of making mistakes. I strongly suspect Bryan will NOT make the same mistake twice!

3. The idea of trying to keep Saulo's hiring a secret. *That* was a huge error. The first tenant of politics, and life, is- There is no such thing as a secret. Whatever it is, it's going to come out, and usually at the most inopportune time. That error was compounded by George calling and asking for the deletion of that tidbit from an OJ post. It just gave the folks over at Orange Juice *more* ammunition! George, you get a 10 minute time out- please, go to your room and take everyone who thought this would remain a secret with you.

4.Getting into a pissing contest about Saulo being "anti-Hispanic" or campaign mail that deals with the issue of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration *is* an issue here, and across the nation. It's not going away anytime soon. And on balance, how about the anti- non Hispanic stuff that appears so often on the OJ blog? A lot of posters there believe if you're not Hispanic, you shouldn't get to represent Central O.C. in *any* capacity, or even be a senior city staffer in Santa Ana. Apparently, a double standard is ok, as long as it cuts your way.


Alot more heat then light in the threads above, although I agree with the last poster's observation " Get a grip." And that was foolish to try and hush this up.

Here's my take---Saulo is good, props to the GOP for recognizing value and using it. Dammit.

I don't think the stupid photo Tran used on the border has any legs against Saulo. I know Dems may want to float it out but that dog won't hunt.

Janet may get cervical strain looking over her shoulder at Saulo's work. Of course she would benefit by the registration numbers he puts up but if there isn't some deal worked out with her & Van before the next election she may view Saulo's legion's as a Trojan Horse.

Finally, I'm not sure I would say hiring Saulo causes me to worry. I was already worried. It's fair to say I am more worried.
But Saulo will be judged on 1) numbers and 2)if he can put numbers up without the miserable management that the local GOP had over the last fraud-riddled drive.

Art Pedroza

Bryan was not my source. I can't say who was my source, but it was neither Bryan nor Ryan. Essentially no one whose name ends in yan.

What I find funny in retrospect is that Claudio Gallegos told me that he and his Dem cohorts already knew about Saulo before I blogged it. Apparently the Reeps have more leaks than the Titanic.

I do find Bryan's threats against Ryan to be offensive. In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings he might want to dial back on the rhetoric. Ryan is a good kid stuck in what has become a bad party - locally and nationally.

As for Lupe Moreno, the fact is I brought her into the race for the 34th to block Daucher, only to find out that Lynn and her husband are very decent people. That woke me up to the point that I eventually realized that the wool had been pulled over my eyes. As you all know, I ended up leaving the GOP altogether and I am quite happy about that.

The Trannies are the most vindictive people I have ever met. Saulo's hiring is not good news for Janet Nguyen no matter how you slice it. His work will benefit his master, Van Tran, primarily, and his party secondarily. That's how it works with the Trannies.

As for the anti-Latino elements of Janet's campaign, I blame Dave Gilliard 100%. He was her campaign consultant and he should not have allowed that to happen. I have said that from the start. Similarly, I blame Saulo for the Trung Nguyen "stop the Mexicans" mailer.

You guys already lost both houses of the Congress. I believe you are going to lose the White House too. And you seem to have your hearts set on losing the OC now too.

You need to realize that your dog won't hunt in Santa Ana. Look at what happened to Carlos Bustamante. No se pudo! He is done. Next year he will be removed from the council altogether when he loses to whatever warm body we run against him. I suspect that means a Democrat - so you will end up with ZERO Reeps on our city council.

Saulo can try to register Reeps all he wants, but I don't know how he is going to do that when most people in my city are not very happy with Bush or your OC CReeps (Carona, T-Rack, etc.).

Daucher came close, but she is gone now. Trung will always have his PhotoShop memories, but I hope the Democrats won't be dumb enough to try to run retreads again for central county seats. Umberg, like Bustamante, is history and that is a good thing for my friends from the blue party.

If the Democrats recruit good candidates in central county the Reeps won't be able to get much done, period. Unless of course the Reeps end up getting rid of their dead weight (Whitacre, etc.) and they stop using racism as a marketing technique.


Art: I hope your not saying that anyone with concerns about illegal immigration is racist.


As for the anti-Latino elements of Janet's campaign, I blame Dave Gilliard 100%.

Are you saying Janet didn't see and approve the mail before it went out, Art? That's not how Gilliard works. That's not how campaigns work.

Similarly, I blame Saulo for the Trung Nguyen "stop the Mexicans" mailer.

Saulo was the campaign manager, Art, not the campaign consultant. You can blame the aliens for the War in Iraq, but that don't make it so.

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