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April 26, 2007


Jeff Flint


As the consultant who ran and defeated Measure X last year (and for the record, I am not involved in the current issue in Anaheim), how exactly do you come to the conclusion that:

...the SOAR initiative is, if anything, more restrictive than Measure X.

Jeff Flint


Matt, normally I wouldn't respond to paid opposition advertising because anything I write likely won't change your position. But, for the record, here's the gist of my comments at the Anaheim Chamber's press conference today:

The Orange County Business Council supports thoughtful, orderly planning and development through a public process with the usual and customary environmental and fiscal reviews. This is how cities plan for and help build businesses, homes, roads, schools and generate reasonable public revenue for public services like police, fire, parks, after-school programs and the like.

The Anaheim Resort District was thoughtfully planned and developed in this way. Businesses and residents relied on that plan--and the city's consistency with that plan--to make their own strategic decisions to grow, pay taxes, invest, live and work in Anaheim.

The Anaheim Resort District is a successful economic engine for Anaheim, the County of Orange and, in fact, the Southland.

The Anaheim Resort District's plan has already demonstrated a solid track record of success--and it is complimentary with the city's recent, successful track record to expedite planning and processing for a full spectrum of housing supply and choices for its growing population and jobs generation--including housing for its workforce and the most needy.

The Anaheim Resort District encompasses 5% of the land area of Anaheim. As the Governor's former Director of Housing and Community Development responsible for assessing a city's duties to provide housing for its people, I can attest to Anaheim's innovative approaches to ensuring an adequate supply of for-sale and rental housing in all price ranges being designated on suitable sites within the remaining 95% of the city's land. Anaheim is in compliance with the state's housing law.

OCBC supports the Anaheim Chamber's and residents' efforts to preserve the plan and see that it is fully implemented as envisioned by those who worked so long and hard to negotiate, compromise and create it.

A deal is a deal, my friend.

Lucy Dunn
President and CEO
Orange County Business Council

I Dunn Believe She Said That

Matt, normally I wouldn't respond to paid opposition advertising because anything I write likely won't change your position.

Very cheap shot, Ms. Dunn. You are a paid agent of the OCBC, are you not? Would you like us readers to discount your comments in the same snide fashion? Do you personally believe what you are saying? Or are you just speaking for your organization? If the former, maybe you can give Jubal the same benefit of the doubt.

Lucy Dunn

You're right of course and I apologize. I normally don't take the bait, I admit! It must have been the late night post--plus the erroneous "ballot-box zoning...mini greenlight" thing.

Yes, I do believe what I'm saying and am speaking for the organization. I also believe that you believe what you're saying.


Lucy Dunn



Gracias for the last comment.

When I posted this yesterday, I didn't know the press conference was to announce a referendum. I didn't know Disney et al were planning a referendum and assumed it would be announcing sufficient signatures to qualify the ballot-box zoning initiative, and posted accordingly.

Reasonable people can disagree on whether or not to amend the resort district zoning. And not surprisingly, I still disagree with OCBC's support for the referendum and I oppose the referendum -- I think the council made the right decision and it ought to stand. At the same time, I'm relieved to see the OCBC hasn't endorsed ballot-box zoning.

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