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April 02, 2007


I've attened 95% of the meetings over the past few years. i was actually at that april council meeting and nothing like that happened.

Do you really think she is THAT stupid to say something like that in public. Mabye private...but in chamber?

Please dont spread gossip on the blogs. If you like or hate diane, i think we can all agree not to flat out lie on these fourms
a real DP Resident

Shawn Fago

DP Resident,
Your statement is extremely hard to believe. Diane is a terrific candidate and one of the hardest campaigners I have ever witnessed. I believe you are in for a big upset. The only thing that can stop Diane now is the term limit proposition which should go down in flames.

-Shawn Fago

Andrew Davey

Oh, how I just wish that Cassie DeYoung gets into this race ASAP. Ah, Harkey v. DeYoung... That would be THE PRIMARY CAT FIGHT OF THE CENTURY!!!! OK, so we now have Diane... All we need now is Cassie! ; )

i am suprised that a progressive liberal like you would call 2 women running for office a cat fight.

DP Resident

Must have hit a nerve! I've been deleted! Hard to post video on this, so I will refer to print.
Never said Diane wasn't a good campaigner, and she probably will win. It is not hard to believe that Harkey would do anything after she tried to claim she won her City Council seat by spending less then $25,000 (her half of the stated $49,000), (see OC Reg "Economy Class", Nov 4, 2004-ID#71235863) when the number was over to $140,000 - for a seat - in Dana Point! (See OC Reg "Correction", Nov 28th, 2004 ID#71707244) For the real number, you would have to look at her filing dated AFTER the election.

OC Republican

Diane opposed two candidates for the Dana Point City Council in 2006 that were endorsed by the Orange County Republican Party, and the guy she got elected instead is a former member of the Democrat Central Committee.

DP Resident

I need to correct part of what OC Rep said. Harkey backed Lisa Bartlett and Joel Bishop in the 2006 DP City Council race. Lisa DID have the OCRP endorsement along with Greg Powers. It was Joel Bishop who was the former Democratic Central Committee member turned Republican. Not even a RIHNO, but more of a Leopard trying to change his spots. To their credit, Harkey and Bishop came clean on this blog, but no mention was made in any of the literature sent to voters in Dana Point, or on Bishop's web page. He still has a nice picture of himself with the Governor posted. (www.joel4dp.com)

In 2004 Harkey ran against BOTH OCRP endorsed candidates, Mayor Joe Snyder and Greg Powers. She won by embracing the anti-development factions in town. They were people wary of the Headlands development and Makar Properties purchase of a trailer park near the Harbor.

Did you ever wonder why in her run for the State Senate, NONE of her fellow City Council members endorsed her candidacy?


Just thinking of how great a Cassie v. Harkey race would be...both could pour ungodly amounts of personal wealth into the campaigns!

Best event would be a debate. Like her or not Cassie knows her stuff, and is incredibly sharp. Harkey on the other hand won't make anyone forget Lincoln/Douglas.

Hopefully we all get to watch this one play out...

OC Republican

DP resident is a little off, OC GOP didn't endorse in 2004, didn't have power. But they did in 2006 and endorsed Greg Powers, Jim Lacy and Lisa Bartlett. Lincoln Club endorsed Lacy too. But Harkey opposed Powers and Lacy big time. And in 2004, she ran against a Republican council of Lacy, Ossenmacher, Snyder, and Chilton on anti-development issues. Then switched and screwed poor people in trailer park after her election.

But when OC reporters start checking into the Federal investigation of a guy named Heard and his phony development in Nipomo, CA, and the Harkey's funding of his moldy homes, all hell will break lose. Believe me!

DP Resident

I forgot that Jim Lacy supported her in her State Senate run. The one thing I know is correct about Harkey is that she is a political opportunist. She will do or say whatever she thinks will help get her elected. Those who side with her today better watch out. Just ask Mr. Lacy how she treated him in the City Council race after he had endorsed her.

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