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April 30, 2007


We will see

Escobar could be a strong contender with OC/LA cross-over appeal.

One Who Knows

"Escobar could be a strong contender with OC/LA cross-over appeal?"

Excuse me, but what, exactly, is this man's OC appeal?

Escobar is from La Mirada and the OC portion of the 60th AD consists of Anaheim, Orange and Yorba Linda.

While he may or may not have done well running against Loretta's sister three years ago after she burned a lot of bridges winning her primary, I doubt that anyone in OC knows of him or cares.

Larry Dick is far and away OC's favorite son. Nobody else need apply.

Thank you very much.

The 60th is not an OC seat...necessarily. All candidates have a lot of work to do in their neighboring counties. Saying nobody but Larry Dick should apply is asinine but good luck with Larry’s campaign with that attitude.

Escobar Fan

Escobar campaigned 24/7 when he ran for Congress and I am sure he will do the same if he runs for Assembly. He will also secure some major OC endorsements. Larry Dick might be a nice guy, but fire in the belly counts for a lot and Tim has it. I am not so sure about Dick.


Hey! La Habra is part of the OC portion of the 60th too!

Long-time politico

I have met this young gentleman and all should know that he is a very impressive presence. He brings a personal gravitas and an impressive resume' to the race. If he chooses to enter the race he will be a serious candidate. I am not taking sides, I am simply stating a dispassionate impression from one with too much experience.

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