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March 29, 2007


Andy Favor

I agree! One of my gripes is that they have that pesky pop up indicating that the new search feature is really great. Yesterday I wanted to find an article in the Money section that I read in the paper version. No luck. I spent 15 minuetes with their new search feature searching and I could not find the article on line.


Agreed. Their search engine is utterly useless for finding recent articles.

Michael Randall

I agree, the register's website lacks some of the features that are present on The LA Times or even the New York Times. The pop-under ads are obnoxious and it seems like the site is more geared towards assaulting the eyes with flash banner ads then the actual news itself.

Even the "Leave a comment" section led to problems for the Register. They had to add a self policing mechanism after the "trolls" hit the comment boards.

I still read the Register's Website, but I jump past the main page and head straight for the blogs.


They do tend to shy away from anything controversial on the website's front page, but maybe I'm paranoid...or they are currying favor with their partners (reflected at the bottom of the page). Goodness knows, they have lost their base, for good.

And whatever you do, do NOT take the survey that pops up. They still think we can't figure out who's dropping tracking cookies on us.

Jon Fleischman

Jubal, I completely agree with you on this matter, as someone else who also looks at the OC Register website. I can safely say that of the 80 + websites that I go to EVERY DAY to gather politics news, the OC Register's website is THE WORST. It's layout is hard to deal with, and most importantly, often times the website doesn't jibe with the print edition.

Richard Rios

I completely agree wtih Jubal and Jon,

I am actually a Certified Webmaster from an industry recognized certification system that focuses on design, programming and functionality. I also have a MBA with an emphasis on Computers and Electronic Commerce. And with all that, even I have trouble easily navigating through it.

Richard Rios

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