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March 30, 2007


Get Over It Mike

Schroeder is like the school bully who finally met his match and got beat up. He just cannot accept defeat and move on. His actions now only hurt the Republican Party's chances of holding this seat next year. Baugh needs to reign him in.

Orange Appeal

Wrong. Schroeder was correct when he predicted mass confusion in any close election ANYWHERE in the state - UNLESS the conflicting provisions of law are adjudicated definitively (which Brenner declined to do) or changed legislatively. The Legislative Counsel's opinion validates Team Trung's case.

Brenner could have cleared this up. He took a pass. All this AFTER his rulings AGAINST the Registrar got Trung more than halfway back to victory!

Even Brenner admitted during trial that this case is MADE for an appeal. Good for Team Trung! And Good Luck!!

Proud of Schroeder

The OC GOP is currently considered a laughing stock thanks to the actions of one Mike Schroeder esq. It all started with his "Do-over" with the failed endorsement of Sheriff Carona and continues with Trung.

Sorry Jubal but pretty soon you will have to change the name to Blue County, all thanks to Darth Vader.

The Legislative Counsel Opinion is well reasoned; it does indeed seem that the judge may have taken a pass and did not do the heavy lifting required to go through the statory analysis. Case law is clear that, although a Legislative Counsel Opinion is not binding, it should be given "due deference" and followed if "persuasive". Many keep asking why the opinion was not "released" earlier for use in the trial. It is plausible that the opinion has validity as soon as it was issued (it is public record) and at that time should be considered when construing a statute. It seems unlikely that its use in a proceeding could be prevented by the recipient refusing to release it (that would not make sense as a sound jurisprudential practice).

Paul Lucas

This has passed into the realm of ridiculous now. Why dont Schroeder and Trung just let it go?

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