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March 19, 2007



Gee, you might as well ask when conservatives will take off the Republican goggles.

The party of Tom Delay, George Bush and the K Street project, with tremendous support from 18 families trying to avoid billions of dollars in estate taxes, on many days appears little more than a corrupt criminal enterprise, with contempt for our liberties, our Constitution, and most of the Commandments, especially the one about bearing false witness.


Hey, Critic. Maybe you can start a new post, discussing the outstanding ethics of folks like Sandy (how-did-those-documents-get-down-my-pants) Berger and Congressman William (cold cash) Jefferson.


Snappy comeback there, Rifleshot.Unfortunately, corrupt Democrats don't exonerate corrupt Republicans, except in the penultimate House Ethics committee.

Indict them all and let juries of their peers sort them out, regardless of party.

Unfortunately, when the Republican party is reduced to hatred of liberalism, while abandoning balanced budgets, personal freedom, and the separation of powers, it's pretty much bankrupt.


Wow, Critic. That's a pretty sweeping generalization without much in the way of back-up information -- besides possessing zero relevance to the subject of the post.

Andy Favor

In my humble opinion Republicans should be embracing Ron Paul. As far as I can tell he is the only candidate worthy of calling himself a Republican.

Andy's right

I concur with Andy Favor. What happened to principles over politics in the GOP?


I am keeping my "beer goggles" on then! I think he of all the candidates stands the best chance to win. I think he can get votes on both sides, not only for his moderate position, but because he is well liked by the general public, those that do not follow politics like us geeks do, know his name and associate good feelings with him.

Silence Dogood

flowerszzz -

Being led by the animal laboreans. Wonderful. Whatever happened to political leadership?


Interesting post Jubal. Having lost the House and Senate its interesting to watch many Republicans, panicked at the prospect of losing their last grip on the Beltway, throw their platform and basic party beliefs overboard in the name of victory by supporting Rudolph Giuliani. It makes the presidential election a no-lose situation for secular-pro-choice-gay rights-gun control Democrats. Whatever happened to the conservatives motto of " a choice, not an echo?"

Fred Thompson has got to be looking better every day .


Silence - My support is not without thought my dear - it may have sounded so, but I was making light of the joke about beer goggles, as I have not heard that term since - well it's been a long time.

I am conservative on some issues and not so much on others. None of the other candidates even spark my interest. Truly conservative republicans need someone to run that is more charismatic. And realistically, IMHO Guliani would be better then Hilary or Obama any day of the week, and he will draw votes from either one of those candidates in the general election. The others running most likely will not.

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