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March 08, 2007




BS. Thomas told me he put up a post about Pulido and his hybrid car and you guys deleted it. How was that post contrary to your standards?

Are you and Thomas talking about this comment?.


Maybe next time you can hold your horses and wait for an answer before wagging for finger in my face.



Art didn't drop the matter -- he kept on making the accusation.



Then are slander and libel "American"?

Good job Jubal


Well said, both to the idiot Art Pedroza AND to Jimmy "Pass the Bong" Camp.

Your high standards are greatly appreciated by those of us who still believe being Republican requires us to lead by good example.

BTW, why do you EVEN bother with Pedroza? Like you said sometime back, "You'd have better success arguing with a cat." He is to this blog what he accuses that Stanley guy being to his blog. I'd rather read the "f" word with truth than the lies and rumors that Pedroza regularly spews forth (not that I want to start reading foul language anywhere).

jimmy camp

According to Websters Libel is defined as:
...a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression b (1): a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt.

And slander is simply defined as.... : the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another's reputation
2 : a false and defamatory oral statement about a person.

For example, a previous blogger called Art Pedroza an idiot. In order to prove libel or slander you would have to prove that Art is not an idiot. However, he did insinuate that I am a marijuana user by referring to me as Jimmy "Pass the Bong" Camp. That clearly falls under the definitions of libel and slander. I do not use marijuana and could easily prove it with a urine test. However I do not believe that the government should put the previous anonymous poster in jail because of his comments. His comments are his opinions, even though they are false. Sort of like Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a "Faggot". So yes, at times the allowance of libel and slander is completely American.


"However I do not believe that the government should put the previous anonymous poster in jail because of his comments."

It can't. Libel and slander are tried as civil offenses.

Duane Dichiara

"Get a grip and break your usual pattern by actually knowing what you are talking about before flinging accusations like a monkey in the zoo pelting visitors with excrement"

This is the funniest damn thing I've read in a while.

Morning Coffee

Why is Art Pedroza questioning Matt about someone else's post? Shouldn't the poster ( Thomas Gordon) have asked the question?


Art said to Matt-"I thought you cared about the integrity of your blog."

That's a real hoot since it comes from someone who runs, or allows the running of the IP addresses of the posters on OJ.

Taken from a recent post on the OJ blog- "Attention readers! Post 6 and post 13 came from the same IP address. Draw your own conclusions."

Granted, the above was posted by an Anon., but it had to be someone with access...and, if Art personally didn't post this, he should have removed that post and put a stop to this practice, but he didn't! Yet another demonstration of Art's integrity!


The last two comments came from the same person. Duane Dichiara and Morning Coffee are in fact the same person.

Now, I have no knowledge whether or not this true. I do not have access to the internals of OC Blog.

Like me, it is possible that the anonymous IP poster to ojuice is completely making things up. I take comments like that with a grain of salt because you never know when an anonymous commenter is telling the truth.

Frankly, I would expect anonymous commenter on Art's blog to make stuff like that up because as Art says, as long as there isn't an "f-bomb" nothing will be deleted.

On this blog, I would expect a comment like that to be deleted. Hopefully Jubal won't delete this one because of my wild accusation.

This blog is helpful and informative for those interested in OC politics, particularly the 33rd race. it's rather unhelpful when 80% of it is devoted to blogger v. blogger personal attacks and an idiotic legal lesson on defamation. i'm looking forward to its return to politics.


It's been four days and have yet to hear "I was wrong," let alone an apology from Mr. Pedroza for his latest ready-fire-aim accusation.

Why am I not surprised?

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